Wheel of the Year


Traditional festival, more usually celebrated as Hallowe’en or All Hallows. Recent attempts to accuse pagans of stealing this festival from Christianity notwithstanding, it’s a fun time of year, with, as ever, a serious side.

Celebrate it as a great chance for a party, or use it as a time to remember those who have crossed the veil. A great time for new beginnings. I use the fire and darkness to work with rebirth and with the removal and destruction of those elements which hold me back. Fire is a cleanser and a purifier.

Samhain is my New Year. As a witch and a gardener, it is the time to plan and to plant, and to sew the seeds for good things to come, both material and spiritual.


I will be using this space to discuss, in brief, the different festivals on the points of the Wheel, as they occur. Feel free to comment and add in your interpretations – it’s intended as a space where we can share our thoughts and what the festivals mean to each of us.


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