Selected Starter Texts

  • A Witch Alone: 13 Moons to Master Natural Magic, Marian Green, Thorsons 2002 Edition
  • Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practicioner, Scott Cunningham, Llewellyn 2003 Edition
  • Hedgewitch, Rae Beth, Hale, 1996 Edition


  • The Alchemist’s Kitchen, Guy Ogilvy
  • Spagyrics: The Alchemical Preparation of Medical Essences, Tinctures & Elixirs, Manfred Junius

General Interest & Fiction

  • Not Part of the Package: A Year In Ibiza, Paul Richardson.
  • Wizardry for the Uninitiated, Thea Faye, Avalonia 2007 Edition
  • The Golden Bough, J G Frazer, Papermac 1983 Edition
  • The Celtic Year, Shirley Toulson, Element 1993 Edition
  • The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, Tr. R O Faulkner, British Museum Press, 2000 Edition
  • The Celts, Nora Chadwick, Penguin, 1991 Edition
  • The Aquarian Dictionary of Festivals, J C Cooper, Aquarian, 1990 Edition
  • The Wind in the Willows, Kenneth Grahame, Methuen 1932 Edition
  • Collected Short Stories, E M Forster, Penguin Modern Classics 1965 Edition
  • The Theory of Evolution, John Maynard Smith, Cambridge University Press, 1993 Edition
  • The Stations of the Sun, Prof Ronald Hutton, Oxford University Press, 2001 Edition
  • Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle, C G Jung, Princeton UP 1973 Edition
  • The Way of Wyrd, Brian Bates, Hay House 2004 Edition


  • The Witches’ Goddess, Janet & Stewart Farrar, Phoenix 1987 Edition
  • The Myth of the Goddess: Evolution of an Image, Anne Baring & Jules Cashford, Penguin 1991 Edition
  • The Spiral Dance, Starhawk, 1999 20th Anniversary Edition
  • The Moon and the Virgin, Nor Hall, The Women’s Press 1980 Edition
Green Life
  • Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, Barbara Kingsolver, Faber and Faber 2007 Edition

Green Witchcraft

  • The Gentle Arts of Natural Magic, Marian Green, Thoth 2003 Edition
  • The Way of the Green Witch, Arin Murphy-Hiscock, Provenance Press 2006 Edition
  • The Hedge Witch’s Way, Rae Beth, Robert Hale 2003 Edition
  • Basic Sigil Magic, Phillip Cooper, Weiser 2001 Edition


  • The Poetic Edda, Tr Carolyne Larrington, Oxford University Press 1996 Edition
  • The Prose Edda: Tales from Norse Mythology, Snorri Sturluson tr. Brodeur, Dover 2006 Edition

Mythmaking Theory

  • Myth: Its Meanings & Functions in Ancient & Other Cultures, G S Kirk, CUP 1970 Edition
  • Mythology and Cosmic Order, Studia Fennica 32, Gothoni & Pentikainen (Eds), Helsinki 1987

Plants and Herballs

  • A Modern Herbal, Mrs Grieve, Jonathan Cape 1977 Edition
  • The Magic of Herbs, David Conway, Jonathan Cape 1973 Edition
  • Discovering the Folklore of Plants, Margaret Baker, Shire 2001 Edition
  • Herbal Healing, Michael Hallowell, Avery 1994 Edition
  • A History of British Gardening, Miles Hadfield, Hamlyn, 1969 Edition


Studies in Witchcraft

  • Persuasions of the Witch’s Craft: Ritual Magic in Contemporary England, T M Lurhmann, Picador 1989
  • Triumph of the Moon, Prof Ronald Hutton, Oxford University Press 2000 Edition
  • Drawing Down the Moon, Margot Adler, Beacon Press 1986 Edition
  • Witchcraft Today: Volume II, Chas Clifton (Ed), Llewellyns, 1994 Edition
  • The Intuitive Tarot, Cilla Conway, Connections, 2004 Edition

Witchcraft & Wiccan Theory


  • Daughters of Copper Woman, Anne Cameron, The Women’s Press, 1984 Edition
  • Medieval Women: A Social History of Women in England 450-1500AD, Henrietta Leyser, Phoenix Giant 1995
  • Spider Woman: Navajo Weavers and Chanters, Gladys A Reichard, University of New Mexico Press, 2001 Edition
  • The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries, Zsuzsannah Budapest, Weiser 2003 Edition

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