Merry Meet and welcome; thank you for visiting!

I get a lot of search terms that find me looking for a definition of Wicca, Wiccans, Green Witchcraft and so forth; it’s difficult to provide a simple answer. I can try to explain a little about what I am; you’ll find that definitions of the terms above require reading and intercalation of differing points of view. It’s a truism that anyone who tells you that there’s an easy answer is, well, wrong.

I’m a Hedgewitch and a Greenwitch – I’m concerned with all the small but important things in life; mending, making, cooking, growing! The countryside is all-important to me, the lore, animals and the peace and tranquility it can bring. Like many of us, my wish is a cottage with a field and a tree and a stream, where I can keep chickens, grow my herbs, live lightly on the land, and write my book.

 I believe in the Goddess and the God;  my Lady is the Lady of the Land, the sea, the rocks and the moon. My Lord is Herne, he is the Lord of the Wildwood. To me, they embody nature in its entirety.

I pray; I observe the the Wheel of the Year; I try hard to be a good person, to be moral, to try and give something back. I am deeply concerned with the feminine in the divine, with women and spirituality in general. I am academically interested in myth, the creation of myth and myth-making within Paganism today. I wish to attempt to reclaim some of the feminine voice denied us so long by patriarchal religion. And in so doing, to reinstate a balance; because balance is all important here.

I want to worship without following the herd; to see the Goddess and the God in every rock and tree on this amazing and unlikely planet. I want to get the wonder back into my life.

Here’s where I talk about all the things that are important to me, and about my Craft, those that join me on my path and my search for the Deities. Join me.


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14 04 2008

You sound so much like me!! I also love the cooking, cleaning,mending,stitching – and I also always see the God as Herne .. we are just children of nature aren’t we ? …. lovely website by the way – wish mine was half as good ! …. Val (Solaire)

14 04 2008
The Green Witch

Thanks my dear – really glad to see you here! I’ll take a tour round your site too, if I may!

Children of nature is right. Pity, I always think, that we are not quite to kind to our parent as we might be.

23 04 2008

I admire your site. It’s a relief to find such open minded people on Word Press. I’m a newbie. Happy Earth Day.

23 04 2008
The Green Witch

Glad you like it, Marie. Thanks for stopping by!

17 05 2008

Hello. I am writing back to you about your recent comments on my critique of Ken Ham’s book, “The Lie: Evolution.” I couldn’t find an email address to contact you though. You can contact me via

23 05 2008
Abdur Rahman

Peace Green Witch,

I found my way to your excellent blog from Tess (Anchors and Masts). I have to say that it is a beautiful green (cyber)space.

I look forward to reading more of your thoughts and to interacting with you.

Blessed be…

Abdur Rahman

23 05 2008
The Green Witch

Merry Meet, Abdur, and I’m glad to see you here!

17 06 2008

Greeting Again! I’ve finally taken a good close look at your blog, and am delighted to find someone whose thinking is in many ways so like my own. Thank you for publishing this, and for your lovely recent comments on my own blog! I will certainly be visiting this space regularly!

Blessed Be,

18 06 2008
The Green Witch

Merry Meet indeed, Holly, and thank you for stopping in! I hope to see you again. Welcome!

20 06 2008

Merry Meet! I just found you and think the way you have expressed yourself is very grounded and sound. A blessed Litha to you!


20 06 2008
The Green Witch

Merry Meet and welcome, Susan – glad to see you here. Happy Litha to you, too!

21 06 2008

Merry Meet,

So nice to find your blog here on WordPress.
A Blessed Litha to you,

21 06 2008
The Green Witch

Welcome, Ember; Bright Blessings!

21 08 2008

Time for an award! Go on, take a look at my blog and see what’s been said about you…!

9 10 2008

What is the book that you would write?

10 10 2008
The Green Witch

The book of me, probably – in fact, I think I’m already writing it right here! I have so many ideas…. I’ll sit under the idea tree my whole life, probably, and not pick any of the apples on it at all… perhaps one will fall on my head and I’ll have the choice made for me! xxx

12 02 2009

I just came across your blog and I look forward to reading more and learning as I go.

Love & Light.

13 02 2009
The Green Witch

Merry Meet CCM, glad to see you here!

10 03 2009

I came to check out your blog after the lovely welcome comment you left at mine. It’s a terrific site – count me in as one of your regular readers now.

Blessed be!

11 03 2009
The Green Witch

Merry Meet and welcome, Bunny – glad to see you over here at Wiccanwanderings!


30 12 2009

You have a great website. I was wondering if you had heard of or read the series of books named The Ringing Cedars by Vladimir Megre? I think you would find these books very interesting, beyond your average book. It’s never been advertised, only been spread by word of mouth. This is the only book i have a hard time explaining to people about how good and amazing this book is. You just can’t appreciate it until you read them all. There’s nine books total.

18 01 2010

Hello, I was wondering if you could help me. I’ve recently been directed towards Green Witchcraft and it’s something I think may be right for me. I was hoping you could answer a few questions though?

– How much does Green Witchcraft differ from typical Wicca?
– I kept coming across the term Hedge Witch with the term Green Witchcraft… what is the difference?
– Do you have any advice for someone just starting out?

Many thanks and apologies for bothering you.

Many best wishes,

21 01 2010
The Green Witch

Nicole, Merry Meet! I haven’t heard of those books, but I’ll look them up – thanks for the recommendation.

Susan – you aren’t bothering me! And I don’t think there are any stupid questions, if you’re searching – I’m always asking people things.

In answer –

Wicca is a directed religion with a certain structure, and a HP / HPS who lead worship, generally. However, you can practice Wicca as a solitary, although some dispute the use of the term Wicca for anything other than the branch of witchcraft begun by Gerald Gardner and his followers back in the 1950’s.

Hedgewitch and Green Witchcraft are broadly expressions of the same thing. I claim to be both – this is because I am not a ceremonial, ‘fancy’ witch, I don’t dress up or use huge amounts of props or theatre in my worship. I just ge ton with my life, make a lot of jam, try to respect the countryside and live as lightly as I can on the land. Green of course has connotations of ecology.

Advice? No worse vice than advice, generally, but I’d advocate reading as much as you can. If I can refer you to the bookroom there are some starter texts there which you will find will lead you further into areas of interest to you, given time.

Blessings to you on your path and stay in touch – glad to meet you.


23 01 2010

Thank you so much, this clarified a few things for me! Do you have any opinons of the Green Witchcraft books written by Ann Moura and the general witchcraft books that seem relevant to Green Witchcraft by Scott Cunningham? I would just like broaden my reading on this. 🙂

One more thing… I’ve read that Hedge Witch is the shamanic art of crossing the ‘hedge’ or boundary between this world and the Otherworld… is that interchangeable with the more natural magic Rae Beth describes? One of the same?

~ Susan x

23 01 2010
The Green Witch

No problems, Susan. I own a book by Ann Moura but due to my packing debacle I haven’t read it. Scott Cunningham, however, is someone whose work I heartily recommend, particularly Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner.

Yes, I’ve heard this definition of hedgewitchery myself, but I think that the shamanic boundary work is done mainly by hedgeriders. Very difficult to find out much about them, and I’ve never met one. I’m more of the opinion that I’m a witch of the hedge, very low church indeed, village apothecary and paganus – country person. That would be my definition if pressed!

Glad you’re enjoying your path so much – it should be a joy, indeed.


30 04 2010

I have no idea if you’re still writing this blog, but I stumbled upon it last night and just wanted to comment on what a beautiful space you’ve made here. I get a real feeling of peace and love exuding from your blog and it’s lovely! I’ve never felt that from a blog before!!

Nellie x

23 04 2011
Gameala Manne

Merry meet. A light in the dark for a newborn attempting to find their way. Blessed be.

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