Samhain, was it??

2 11 2010

It didn’t pass me by, really, it just didn’t really happen in terms of ceremonials. Instead, it happened in terms of theatricals with the smallest member of the family whooping it up as, variously, a skeleton (who nevertheless ate his own weight in Cheezepuffs) a pumpkin and a ghost with remarkably fine lungpower. Imagine thirty something toddlers to early teens, high as kites on applebobbing, suspiciously viscous loud-coloured drinks, cake, chocolate and a Lady Gaga megamix which even had my toes a tappin’, and you’ll see why further demonstration of the season was unneccessary!

It’s Bonfire Night this weekend also, actually a preferable night for me as fireworks ar eone of my very favourite things in the world.

If you want to ask me what I did in the way of sombre, po-faced ceremonials then the answer is nothing, unless you count watching Rowan wistfully and wishing my grandmama might have met him. He would have entertained her, I think.

In other news, the bookcase / study area being built for me is complete in essence and requires fettling, fixing, painting and populating – this is the single most exciting thing that has happened to me in a while. If you need me to explain why a bookcase is important to me, well! My life has been at a total and utter standstill without my oodles of movable press and I keep finding myself in the storage room, whining quietly and wondering whether a scramble over unsteady, half-unpacked boxes is worth it just to get a Scott Cunningham. It probably is, but I don’t fancy a broken ankle into the bargain!




One response

5 11 2010

I don’t go for sombre po-faced ceremonials myself! Enjoy the bonfires.

Mary in Africa

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