… and Seshat’s Voice will be heard in the land!

18 10 2010

Happy Day, she’s back, and thank the Goddess for that. My lovely Seshat is with us again on the blogosphere. I love you, beautiful lady!




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18 10 2010

Love you too, honey-bun. Great to catch up with – you are one of the few who can take my opinionated rants and laugh with me :))

18 10 2010
The Green Witch

Opinionated yes, but always well-reasoned and seasoned with wit, knowledge and insight. A pleasure, my dear. Fancy a trip to the Hill Town at some point soon? xxx

18 10 2010

Defo, as soon as the hand-fasting and AM’s honeymoon is over, then we shall trip our merry way to you 🙂

18 10 2010

Good to hear from both of you again! Early summer here and baby owls in the oak trees, drought looming, a fundamentalist behind every thorn bush.

Mary in Africa

18 10 2010

Ach, don’t get me started on fundamentalists and god-botherers. I have enough to deal with here in the Land of Damp!

19 10 2010
The Green Witch

@ louisey – owls and fundies, what a combo! One don’t hoot any louder than the other, I’ll warrant 🙂

19 11 2010


And I’ve only just found out! 🙂

Must hurry over and say Hi ❤

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