The Twining Vine

18 10 2010

I had an hour with Seshat yesterday, our first for a long, long while. It was wonderful to see her so wide-eyed and happy, I got the grin which I miss, I got the laugh and the devilry and some truly hilarious anecdotes, and just being with her and wandering arm-in-arm through the town cheered me up no end.

You’ll have noted, probably, if there’s still anyone here apart from me, that is! that I’ve been totally quiet for ages. I’ll tell you why.

After moving house last Yule, I haven’t even unpacked my altar. My books and papers are still in boxes. I have done no observance and made no progress in my spiritual life. Talking with Seshat, it seems we all go through this periodically but this has been my driest dry spell ever.

Part of the problem has been lack of space. Sounds ridiculous – I’ve moved to a house quite five times the size of The Little House, and twice as big as my previous home but that’s not the issue. There is no space for me – nowhere to call my own, no quiet corner where I can have my things, nowhere safe and private and unobserved where I can meditate. It is quite uniquely uncomfortable to feel as though you have nowhere that is yours. It is one of the worst feelings for a person like me, who could happily make use of a medium-sized room what with all my books, ornaments, computer, furniture, pictures, rugs, cushions and so on. I know it’s idiosyncratic stuff, I know it holds value only for me. However, it’s been packed away so long I no longer know what I have on hand.

Help has arrived, people. After hearing me sigh wistfully over an article in Country Living regarding outdoor rooms (or lurking huts, as I prefer to call them) the BB has come up with a solution. Our bedroom is quite large and has wonderful views, and light, and there is an alcove around the door which is totally un-utilised. The BB produced an architectural draft of a plan for a bookcase / cupboard combination, which will incorporate lockable storage for private items, and a fold-away desk / table. He has bought the wood, and has begun work. I am stoked. There’s about 40′ of shelving, and masses of room for all my ceremonial items. He has also made available a lovely little lady’s desk, with a drop down lid and pigeonholes, which will sit kitty-corner with the bookcase and make the whole alcove my own private slice of heaven.

With this amazing and unlooked-for treat in store, I can feel the green shoots of recovery twining up my ankles, a strange sight in Autumn I’m sure, but even if it’s out of season it’s wonderful. It’s the beginning of our year once more, a good time to start again. And I think it goes to show that there’s nothing that can’t be done, and no reason to give up completely if there’s the least hope of a renaissance in the offing. If you fall off the horse, give it time and get back on. You have to expect to take tumbles on this type of life-long journey; dust yourself off, learn a lesson and proceed.




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18 10 2010

That is FANTASTIC news. I’m really chuffed for you – such perfect timing :))

18 10 2010
The Green Witch

Thanks my love. After our talk yesterday I realised a few things and I was glad to go home and be welcomed. I count my blessings, each and every one – my old mum always says ‘never look a gift horse in the mouth’. Now, she does talk a load of hooey at times but this time, she’s got it right.

18 10 2010

Good. I’m glad you got some perspective. Troubles voiced are often not half as bad as troubles just thought.

18 10 2010
The Green Witch

Oddly, true. Thank you for the sounding board – I am always at your disposal should you need similar!!

It would be GREAT to see AM and you over here. All the very best for her HF – when is it? x

18 10 2010

Samhain – easy one to remember! LOL 🙂 Apparently the newspaper has got wind of a gathering of Wiccans (which doesn’t include me – I keep telling people I ain’t no Wiccan!) and they might be there … I’ve been told it’s just to take photos at the start and run some story. But I shall be in the shadows with my cloak pulled well down over my face LOL Can’t think of anything worse than having the local rag run a story :(( There are already enough grumblings on the grapevipe about Satanic practices … all you need is the odd (often very odd) godbotherer to kick things off. No thanks. Anonymity suits me just fine!

18 10 2010
Abdur Rahman

A hearty welcome on your return to blogging. 🙂

18 10 2010
The Green Witch

@ Seshat – HECK-ate, that’s all we need. Some overadrenalized bible-thumper crashing a wedding.

@ Abdur – lovely to read you again my dear. Thank you for visiting!

19 10 2010

I’m glad you’re getting a special space of your own. For a long while I kept wondering why I couldn’t get a meditation practice going and then realised it was because I was sitting down in the same spaces used for sleeping, reading, or entertaining friends. Once I had a space put aside just for sitting practice, it became easier.

A blessed autumn to you!

Mary in Africa

19 10 2010
The Green Witch


Blessed Spring to you, my love! xxx

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