Spring and She Returns

6 05 2010

Hello, my dear friends. Had a short hiatus there, where the muse turned to glue. Happens to us all, I suspect! I’d like to thank all my commenters old and new for their kind words while I was away – how are we all in any case?

I have been prompted to restart by a discussion on the Facebook page of one of my dearest friends, regarding an image. I’ll post the image and a precis of the discussion when I can, perhaps later today, but it fascinated me and got me thinking again.

Since moving in with my Best Beloved all my books, papers and previous writings have been stuck in boxes in the storeroom, ungettable-at. The end’s in sight there, I have a book-case, I know which boxes the books are in, there’s a fighting chance I can get back to academic and informed blogging in weeks if not months from now! We’re so busy getting the house ready for paying guests that I barely know where the days go. However, I’ve put in for voluntary redundancy from work as I have other irons in the fire and my job is less than inspriational to my life. Instead of career-mongering, my instincts tell me to step back, get little jobs of work here and there, make up my money and be happy. A bold move for someone as concerned as I am about financial security. I’m thinking about it.




8 responses

6 05 2010

Really glad to see this blog is still going 🙂 I found your blog a little while ago (time is not my strongest point – was it a few days or a few weeks ago – hmmm…) and I think it’s lovely so welcome back! 🙂

Sounds like a really couragous move. I wish you the best of luck and hope it brings you a bucketful of happiness. It’s just the way i want to live my life when i grow up 😉 At the moment i stay at home with kiddies but someday soon…

Hello anyway from a new reader x

6 05 2010
The Green Witch

Bright blessings Nellie and I’m glad you found us here!

Thank you for your greetings – it’s good to be back!


7 05 2010

Good to see you pop up again — I was just thinking about you the other day.

I love freelancing despite the occasional precariousness and I know your new ventures will be creative and successful.

16 05 2010
The Green Witch

Hello darling – how goes the battle?? Is it hot there? Just cooking the lunch and thinking how lucky I am to have ended up here. I wish you hadn’t had to go, although you did go home… Rowan sends hugs and choclately kisses, and I just send hugs and kisses!! xxxx

16 05 2010

It is freezing cold here — very wet Cape winter at the tip of Africa and I am am having a fit of spring envy, wishing I could be making nettle soup and hunting for wild garlic on the banks of the Wye.

Hugs to the wonderful chocso boy and special hugs for both you & the lovely witch formerly known as Seshat.

Eagles and owls criss-crossing around the garden and fields — magical sight.


19 05 2010
Abdur Rahman

I hope the move works well. May it be blessed! Looking forward to you blogging more actively

28 07 2010
The Green Witch

I love the witch, how cool that she is in my life

28 07 2010
The Green Witch

That wuz Nikki she be ma gurl xxx

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