Reading Prevention Technique &cetera…

22 01 2010

I’ve got the perfect thing, for all you witches out there who don’t want to read anything:

1. Move house. 2. Pack all books into cartons. 3. Stack cartons in inaccessible boxroom with labels facing in and no hope of accessing said cartons in any case. 4. Sit at door and sigh impotently as you think of all the pristine, uncracked bindings that await you in *one or another* of the cartons you can’t reach.

For some reason, when I moved this time, I kept all my stones, altargoods, textiles and supplies to hand and packed all the books away safely. And now I want to read them and I feel like a dog without water on a sunny day!

In other news, I am feeling the want of a familiar – now settled at the new house and feeling robust and as if I have time on my hands, I made the fatal mistake of viewing a puppy at the rescue centre yesterday. Many tears were shed when I got home and was kindly but firmly told that trying to introduce another dog to our current spaniel would likely end in tears, as he’d seen one off before. Boo hoo. No puppy for me, but I might be able to have a cat. As I had hoped to take the pup to work with me and have it as my constant companion a cat might not fit the bill so well, but you cannot gainsay the relaxing and soporific qualities of cats – and they are so beautiful and strange. And they kill mice. Which in our current place would be no bad thing. I will keep you posted!

I haven’t made anything beady for an age – since before Christmas actually. Seeing that Fox has got the restocking of Shades of Midnight underway has spurred me on to at least think about projects for the Spring. And Tattooed Witch is seeing us all off with her glorious textiles and embroidery. A real natural. I say, chaps – do cakes count?!




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26 01 2010

It is wonderful to see you back in the blog world again! Thank you so much for a link to the shop! {{{HUGS}}}

27 01 2010
The Green Witch

Welcome, my love. I’m back blogging and fitting it in around every thing else!! I’ll pay a visit over your way soon, I promise xxx

29 01 2010

I feel your pain. 90% of my books, altar, fabric, life, are in storage. Take heart, you can sit in your doorway and at least they are right there. You *could* get to them if you needed to or had the energy. Me I need money and a home of my own.


31 01 2010
The Green Witch

Fair comment, B – Ima coming over to read up on what you’ve been up to!

17 04 2010
Asia Rayvon

Hello, this is the first time I have been to your blog and I am finding I really like it. 🙂

I feel your pain on wanting a familiar. I recently got a dog that I thought would be a familiar, but nope…she is not my familiar anyway. She is a nice dog, but a bit of a pain. So I am sad to say she isn’t my familiar. I had a cat a while back that was…and a dog who was. The dog was my baby, I had her since she was five months old and she was going to be 7 a few months after I gave her to a new family. The reason I had to give her to a new family is because she was raised in the country and was not happy when I had to move to the city. She lived in the city for almost a year when, with much sadness and many tears, I decided that it was best if she went to live with someone who had what she needed. And the people who took her are wonderful and she took to them right away, which is totally not like her. I miss her greatly and I am getting kinda teary eyed just typing this now.

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