Waxing and Strengthening

21 01 2010

Hello my dears; I’m just back from a short holiday by the sea with my Best Beloved and the dog. It was just wonderful to get the chance at sea air, fresh smelling and sweet; sunshine, salt spray and simple pleasures like rockpooling and dodging the breakers. I spent some wonderful quiet time, facing the sunset, listening to the booming roar of a sea which was quite agitated enough, sitting tucked up warm on a rock with my feet out of the surf, thinking of nothing but the elemental loveliness of the scene, and giving quiet thanks for it. Free for the taking, costing no-one anything at all, except me and my time, happily given. Perfect.

It’s also the New Year in the calendar sense and that now means marmalade and interior design. The house is slowly warming up and cheering, pieces of furniture are becoming settled in their new spots. We’ve had a charity come today and remove three beds, all of which are in great condition, but for which we have no room! After we managed to wrestle the mattresses and bases out of the top room we were able to look about and see what remained – and re-discovered some things that we have needed, couldn’t find and have done without hitherto. Rather a nice little analogy for clearing out one’s head of the dross, to which I referred in my last post.

Just being happy, contented with one’s lot, quiet in spirit and soul, is a blessing; perhaps the best of blessings. No fear, no guilt, no need to tyrannise oneself with omissions and commissions. Ability to sleep, and to wake rested. Ability to laugh at petty torments and brush them away. Resilience for vicissitudes whether large or small.

I realised that my previous motivations were centred largely around fear. As I no longer feel this fear, I no longer feel so insanely motivated to do things. I have had to find an alternative motivation, which is far less potent, and to wrestle a little with the urge – sometimes irresistible – to not do the thing, whatever it is, that I might be required to do, and to do whatever I want to instead – but, by and large, I’m equal to the task. And now, if things don’t get done, well, they don’t get done.




5 responses

27 01 2010

Just reading this post is soothing to me! It is this mindset that I am after, so you definitely inspire me. 🙂

27 01 2010
The Green Witch

Took a while to get there, but phew, the effort was worth it! Here’s hoping you get there soon, Sleepygirl!

Blessings x

3 02 2010
Terry & Jean Porter


It was wonderful to meet you both. Two special people in a very special place.
Bright blessings to you both for Imbolc and beyond.

Jean & Terry

3 02 2010
The Green Witch

Bright Day, you too! Lovely to meet you, blessed Imbolc and all the best for the Spring x

12 04 2010
Abdur Rahman

Peace Green Witch

That is a really lovely photo. Did you take it yourself? If so, where was it taken?

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