I’d like a potion for flu, please

5 11 2009

Garr ,when I feel ill, I feel ILL, and no mistake.

I spent the whole of Tuesday sleeping, getting up for five minutes and staring blearily at my partner before being hustled off back to bed again, and falling asleep immediately. It was like someone had removed most of my higher brain. Useless for anything except breathing in and out. Tea appeared, piping hot and strong, at regular intervals; as did nurofen and glasses of water. Pillow plumping and shaking out of the duvet, soothing of brow and gentle bossing about to stop me doing stuff I shouldn’t. I got caught watering the geraniums in the sitting room, received a quiet ticking-off and was sent back to bed once more.

It’s lovely to be able to rely so much on another person. I don’t find this sort of thing easy to do at all. Apparently I give the impression of being generally invulnerable. Not when I’m ill, I’ll promise you.




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6 11 2009

Rest and give your body a chance to heal — plenty of honey, fresh ginger, lemon juice.


9 11 2009
The Green Witch

Thank you darling – good advice and why didn’t I think of these??! 🙂

1 01 2010

Obviously you don’t need this for the flu now, but I find a little ginger and a few cloves put in orange juice and heated through is excellent at warding off the sniffles and/or warming you up in this cold weather.

You don’t know me, I just thought I would share an enjoyable winter drink after happening across your blog

21 01 2010
The Green Witch

Thank you Rachel – very thoughtful of you to share this, I’ll be able to try this out as I have no doubt I’ll get another cold shortly¬!


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