Samhain 2009

30 10 2009

It’s all change for TGW! New home, and a new happiness. I have all but moved out of The Little House and have taken up residence at Three Chimneys, the home of my wonderful partner M. Perhaps most wonderfully of all, he sussed my paganism from the start – in fact from our first date – acknowledges its importance but crucially isn’t the least bit interested in hearing about it. There’s none of the prurience, pretend understanding, cliche-ridded heavy-handed ‘humour’ or other badinage or railery that I’ve become so weary of over the years. Stepping out of the broom closet to important others in your life is a trial sometimes; thankfully this time it wasn’t.

This Samhain I have so much to give thanks for, so much to feel blessed about, so much to cherish and so much to remember. It truly seems to be the most fruitful Autumn I can remember.

Where to begin? I could tell you about the wonderful walks we’ve been on, gathering conkers by the river with R as the leaves fall in shimmering files and drifts; I could tell you about watching the swan family on the river as they serenely brought up 7 chicks to near-adulthood. Or how about the baking of cakes and pies and bread that fill the kitchen at Three Chimneys with fragrance and comfort every weekend? Or the aromatic, piney fires we build and bask in front of on windy, rainy nights? So much to tell.

Casseroles, wine, fellow-hail, comfort, safety and warmth. Mellow light on old stone. Burnished copper reflecting candles, reflecting golden flames seen through the clear glasses in the front of the log-burner. Deep rugs, soft chairs and warm throws to cuddle your feet into. Hot tea on tap. Whiskey and ice, to round out the evenings together. Books, everywhere books. Combined possessions of two people with similar interests, tastes and pursuits. Love, care, understanding. A welcome without and a welcome within. At last, a safe mooring and a home for me and for R.

The house is a work in progress, and it is progressing apace; only this week we’ve finished restoring the panelling in the drawing room, commissioned three more radiators, replastered the landing and the master bedroom, cleared out a skip-load of junk preparatory to my furniture arriving and mended the floorboards in the hall. I’ve planted the urns outside the front door; we’re planning a large Yuletide party to warm the threshold and everyone’s really excited, not least us!

There are carved pumpkins in all the windows, made by R and myself; one happy, one sad and one ‘grumpy’  which came out slightly wrong and actually looks like the poor fruit has indigestion. We’re due at the local Fire Festival on Saturday night – procession of giants, wicker man, fireworks, huge bonfire and all the hot-dogs R can stuff down his maw during the evening. Mulled wine, boeuf carbonnade and mashed potatoes before we go out, to ensure centrally heated bodies as we process through the darkness to the festival site, to the transformative magic of fire, lights and brilliance in the sky, cheer, wassail and the beginning of the New Year for me and for mine.

The moon will be waxing full tomorrow night, the best of all times for me to wish ahead and work for the future.

Blessed Samhain, to all my dearest friends.




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30 10 2009

Great to hear you so full of the beauty and vigour of the season. I will add you to the blogroll once I have figured out where it has disappeared to! 😮 Can’t locate it at the moment …

30 10 2009
The Green Witch

Love to you darling – thanks for blogging again! xxxxx

30 10 2009

Good to see you back here again.

All love, Mary

30 10 2009
The Green Witch

Thank you my dear x

31 10 2009

Glad that things are going well, long may it continue. You sound like you are in a very good place.

Love to you and yours


1 11 2009
The Green Witch

Shepherdess – so good to hear from you! Thanks for your message – how are you both? xx

1 11 2009

That all sounds wonderful! I can tell you are thoroughly enjoying your life – good on you. Hope you had a good Samhain, as I had a wonderful Beltane.
Cheers my dear 😉

2 11 2009


i used to interact with seshat, but its been high time since any communication flowed from her end, i have sent her quite afew mails , but there was no response, in case you are in touch with her do convey her my regards,
sorry for this personal mail on this forum

2 11 2009
The Green Witch

Thank you wtc! and I’m glad to hear your Beltane went off well – blessings to you!

Agrippa – I’ll point Seshat in the direction of your message…:-)

10 11 2009

Yay ! Hello Lady! Sounds like you are in an absolutely lovely place at the moment.
I am tremendously pleased for you my friend.

Loads of love to you and R and M.

11 11 2009
The Green Witch

My dearest, helloooo! Hope you and A and your family are all well – how’s life?? xxx

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