Back from the Isle of Winds

16 06 2009

Tanit's LandIbiza again; and the magic and majesty of the island refreshed and amazed me anew. I have posted pictures which might tell you all you need to know about this amazing place.

Ten days in the sun and breezes, walking in the campo, looking at the flora and fauna, smelling the juniper scrub and the pines, listening to the sea and the trees, eating the generous, hearty food so customary on the island. Feeling the weight of the history, the invaders who came, were seduced by the softness and the welcome of the red land and stayed. Imagining the unbelievable relief of making land on the Isle of Pines; salt-struck and half-blind from the sun, to find a place where water runs, fruit trees bloom and the ground bears crops unstintingly.

The Fertile Land

And over all, Tanit, goddess of the Moon and of the flesh. Beating Her path over Tagomago to the inland waters and the shore.




7 responses

17 06 2009

Good to have you back. You look refreshed and glowing for more reasons than just the holiday 😉
Looking forward to dinner tonight, darling.
hugs and love


17 06 2009
The Green Witch

Thank you Angel. You are balm and succour even when worried and upset – what a girl!

18 06 2009

Beautiful pictures. Wish we were there right now!!

18 06 2009
The Green Witch

Too right – it’s given me the strength I need for the coming year, thank the Goddess.

4 07 2009

Hello Stranger!

Glad you have had a lovely time – it looks very beautiful.

I am pleased you are ready to set out your altar again too – catching up with your blog has given me the inspiration to set my altar up again! I tidied it all away a while ago to make space for a camp bed in our bedroom while my daughter’s bedroom ceiling was being done.
It’s time for me to concentrate on my Witchcraft again like you.

Be happy special lady.

13 10 2009

Hi Shimma!

What a beautiful photo, the sea looks so peaceful! I am so pleased for you that you had a brilliant relaxing break.

I have been reading your blog with great interest over the past few months, found it very inspiring, so I finally decided to stop by and say Hello!

I have missed you sooo much during the past year, but I am really happy for you that you have pulled through all the changes so well, you are solid as a rock!

Hope to stay in touch my good old friend!


30 10 2009
The Green Witch

V! So good to see you here, I’ve been neglecting my blogging of late but feeling very much like Seshat in that I want to be back at it again!

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