Beltane – New Dreams

27 04 2009

jools-photos-062As I sit here, listening to the rain pattering on the roof of the unit where I work, I cast my mind back across the last twelve months. Rocky roads, rocky times; not time to think or to feel. Things left undone. But here in the burgeoning Spring of 2009, there’s suddenly light and room to move and to breathe.

I have thought I was fighting my way clear of the ties in previous months, but had the wit to realise it’s like climbing a mountain – numerous false horizons and that the key is never to give up hope. Conserve your energy. Keep plugging away. Take breathers. Don’t forget to breathe!

I’ve been out meeting new people, exploring new interests, and simply enjoying my home and my garden. Balancing solitude and the comfort of relaxation and downtime with going out and enjoying myself in company. I’ve been travelling more, seeing new places. Taking small risks, small excitements and relishing them. Working on my physical fitness, and my mental fitness. In essence, echoing the process of fettling and greening that I see going on around me every day.

So here we are at Beltane, beginning of our Summer; the Goddess and the God meet in the birthtime of the buds; so it couldn’t be a more auspicious time for me to reconnect with my path once more. Beltane this year  is also at the time of the First Quarter of the moon, which is perfect for the work I wish to do; building, strengthening, affirming work, consolidating the distance I’ve come so far.

I find the witchcraft path is like this – we allow ourselves to  become distracted by quotidian vicissitudes, separated from our source and the spring of our power; perhaps one day I’ll learn the trick of keeping my hand on the unicorn’s rein! Till then, I come home again, happy in the knowledge that I can rededicate, resubmit, revitalise my work, look at it once more with a new eye, keep the good and prune the no-so-good and shake the dust from the raiment.

I am taking Beltane Day off work, for an extended meditation, reorganisation and prayer session. I am taking time, precious time, to do what is necessary, what is right for me here and now. I like this. It feels like being able to spread my wings for the first time in an age; I will spread them wide.




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27 04 2009

That’s the trick to keep rededicating and reworking. I have seen people who storm off at regular intervals saying the “vant to be alooone” to reinvent themselves and come back exactly the same person, to then butt against the limits of their lives, disappear again dramatically to reinvent and never ever move on and do anything.
You are not like that – you are growing, expanding, changing – and that requires reassessment and redirection. You are surely on the right path, darling.
Strength to you!

27 04 2009
The Green Witch

Love you, angel. Thank you for your wise words! xXx

30 04 2009

Hurrah! Lovely post. Really reflects my one day at a time life right now.

Best witches

3 05 2009

Have a wise and wonderful Beltane! I shall be thinking of you through Samhain here.


3 05 2009

“She changes everything She touches, and everything She touches, changes.”

Standing still is never an option, dear friend, and we are changed because She has touched us, and as we touch, so we also bring change.

Many blessings!

7 05 2009

I know you will soar gracefully!

13 05 2009
Crystal Raven aka Witch Woman

Hmm I thought my response went through, apparently not 😦
I am sure you will soar!!!


15 05 2009
The Green Witch

Bless you all and thank you for your lovely comments – ! I’ve been shamefully neglecting all my friends agian – running about cutting capers and lashing my forked tail in glee. More news anon!


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