Green Witch Chariot Race

4 03 2009

At the risk of coming over all Ben-Hur this morning I’m going to talk a little bit about calls to action, and what they make us do and feel. Well, what they make me do and feel, actually; I speak for no-one but myself on this topic!

What constitutes a call to action? To me, it’s an irresistable urge to do something in the face of a larger problem. When the need to act, to move, to make a difference outweighs the need to sit, to be still, to be silent, I have to act, I feel compelled to.

This doesn’t necessarily come down to one felt emotion, one strand of reasoning either. It could be guilt. It could be the feeling of a job left undone. It could be anger, pity, empathy. It could be the realisation of a major injustice. It could be as petty as minor irritation. And in the end, it could be the fact that for me at least, action is always preferable to inaction, no matter if inaction would have proved the safer or more prudent route.

There’s nothing more draining or disempowering than chosing to do nothing in a situation of adversity. None of us think the close-the-eyes approach to problem solving makes situations any better; Churchill said that all that is needed for evil to flourish is that good men do nothing. How right he was.

I’ve a number of situations on hand just now that require action; they require me to be brave and take a stand and make executive decisions without the benefit of foresight. How I wish at times for a clear eye to the future! When I was young I used to play Fighting Fantasy rolegames; particularly the ones in book form where you read the sections and govern your choices though judgement and rolls of the dice. I always used to cheat, mildly; looking ahead to outcomes but preserving the ability to backtrack to the last safe point and select another route if things didn’t go so well. Clearly, this ability would benefit me greatly now; bitter, actually, to look around at some witches of my acquaintence who blithely claim the ability to see forward; can they? Would it benefit me to be able to do so? Who knows. I have a sneaking feeling not, actually.




4 responses

5 03 2009

Ah, my darling Boudica. Nothing that came your way could defeat you – you are indefatigable.

Don’t let my minor troubles be a bother to you though, you do indeed have enough on your plate without adding mine to the mix.

I am just sorry that I have so little left in my reserves that I can’t reach out and help you at the moment.

love to you

5 03 2009
The Green Witch

No reach out required – you have been such a rock for me lately. With friends like you, enemies stand no chance against us! šŸ™‚

6 03 2009

Strength to you — this post reminds me of some lines by poet Theodore Roethke: ‘We learn to go/by going where we need to go.’

xxMary in Africa

8 03 2009
The Green Witch

Love that one, Mary xx

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