David Beth

21 02 2009

Seshat has recently written a long post to which I wish to draw your attention; it is the summary from Seshat’s point of view of David Beth’s latest podcast.

David spoke at the 12th Thelemic Symposium which I covered in this post. Since the symposium, Seshat has made a study of his work with La Couleuvre Noire and Voudon Gnosis. This podcast draws together many of the disparate themes of the subject matter, and Seshat’s summary presents it in an accessible style and I recommend it to any interested parties. David has approved the work; meaning you may rely on its accuracy!




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21 02 2009
David Beth

🙂 I hope ‘approved’ does not come across as if I would feel a need to approve of anything people write about my work or things I say. On the contrary, I think my work allows for many people to draw individual inspirations from things and incorporate it into their work without there being a dogmatic right view or wrong.
Seshat and I had some interesting discussions on some points and I believe her summary is an interesting and rewarding interpretation of things I said and concepts presented, without me neccessarily agreeing on all details etc.
I really like your blog Mademoiselle Green Witch, especially that last post of ‘Warriors or Wimps?’

21 02 2009
The Green Witch

Dear David – Absolutely not. I think it is possible to have broadly agreed the overview without having to agree the finer points – the interpretation is the most important part of the reading. I’m convinced that you wouldn’t be keen for your work to be distilled as dogma – it’s alive, and one needs to read it and understand, rather than learning the points off by heart.

It wasn’t ‘approve’ in the sense of endorsement that I was getting at; more that the author of a complex and many-stranded work has seen a possible interpretation by a reader and has given an overall thumbs-up to the withdrawn themes. It’s great to be able to receive an author’s input on work done!

Many thanks for your compliment, David

Blessings, TGW

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