Warriors or Wimps?

16 02 2009

Some interesting developments in a friend’s situation have had me thinking today about the despatch with which we run our lives as witches. How much are we required to turn the other cheek? Before I start sounding needlessly Christian about this, let’s look at the theory behind the platitude. In all these clichés there’s a smidgen of truth.

Wisdom is sometimes made manifest by the ability to know and to keep silent. We understand this as witches and as mature women and men who have, sometimes, railed out loud against our fates and the fates of those we love, giving tongue to the impotent feeling of unfairness that sometimes accompanies happenstance. In any event, this ranting makes no difference. I would say it can even dissipate the power we might otherwise use to do something practical about the problem. A profligate waste of energy in meaningless movement and noise.

But where do we get the superhuman patience required for not being angry, not being jealous, not being sure life is dealing us a scunner for no reason? We don’t deserve this, it’s not fairrrr….

Turning the other cheek can have many forms; passive acceptance, numb submission, masochistic pleasure in being dumped on again; or actually a refusal to either acknowledge or accept the wrong done to us. I like the last. To accept service of and to give weight to a damaging blow lends it power; power it shouldn’t be allowed to have.

Turning the other cheek can have interesting implications for direction, also. We turn away from the path we have followed and look to a new point of the compass, feel a new wind on our cheek, a new light in our eyes. A new perspective. So being turned forcibly away from our previous path by the unkind action of another can benefit us while it hurts us. We can choose to see the positive and to embrace it.

So is it wimpy not to immediately retaliate, to give like for like, to seek proportionate revenge? No. Of course not. Revenge itself can be cowardly, and worse; it can bring you down to the level of the aggressor. It is only natural to want to see the other hurting as much as we are, but it takes a special strength to refuse to play the game. So to my Warrior, I tell the truth – you’re the strong one. You are in charge. And you’re winning.




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16 02 2009

Thank you, darling :-*

16 02 2009

I think the ability to know and to keep silent is key. I think the wise person who understands the path they travel and the road they’re on knows what is happening at any time and why. There is insight beyond measure and whilst we’re not willing, passive victims, in any way, we see the unfolding path ahead and know where to place our feet – albeit seconds before we need to take the necessary step at times! I don’t think we need to be blown about by the whims of others or by each and every change of the wind. We can forge and shape our destiny in line with our own true will and in step with One Divine Mind. This is something that I’m growing to understand although I’m pretty much a fledging in this respect. ‘Wrongdoing’ and such imply judgement, and it’s so easy to judge. Sometimes we have to respond and deliver that judgement, when it’s right, at other times we see that each person on this earth is finding their own way and fighting their own battles – and often we just need to leave them to work it out for themselves.

17 02 2009

a huge part of my learning as a witch
has been the tough task of learning kindness in the face of adversity
I’ve been on this path for 40 odd years and still there’s people that test me over and over…*sigh*

still….in the end…I’d rather be able to say “I tried to take the high road”

sometimes I regress and I end up putting my own particular brand of “don’t mess with the bull” into play – but at least I tried firstly to be fairer than the transgressor tried to be to me…

17 02 2009
The Green Witch

Seshat – as always, anything x

Andy – I like your nod to the fact that we are sometimes only microseconds ahead of the curve when choosing where to place our feet! Life always looks more settled to an outsider looking in… and who isn’t a fledgling in this regard!!

WyzWmn – it is a tough task to teach oneself to be kind when it’s coming at you the other way. If you’ve got anywhere near proficiency in this I salute you. Still trucking away at it, myself!

19 02 2009

Discernment is always a fine art — when to fight for change, when to stop something from happening again, when to forgive and forget, when to move on. And discernment lies in the specifics of the situation as well as the greater goal, the larger picture.

Lovely topic because it is an art we exercise so often and only know in hindsight if the choice to fight or forgive was right!

xxMary in Africa

19 02 2009
The Green Witch

Thank you, my dear. I’m looking at it and thinking there’s a lot more meat on the bones – might work up a bit of an essay!

28 02 2009

gosh your site blows me away,there is a lot more i need to know thought i learned lots but still the student hope you dont mind leaving a comment here

28 02 2009
The Green Witch

Everyone’s still learning Charlie – welcome. Glad you’re here! x

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