New Spring, New Hope

13 02 2009

Yesterday, I caught myself actually thinking seriously about getting my fingers into the earth again. With everything that’s happened I’ve felt heartsick, totally unconnected to the ground, not even willing to go and look at the garden that was once my be-all. I managed to leave it behind me, ruined and uncared-for, at my old house. It is totally wrecked, a grande-dame once beautiful and now run wild and straggled, effort wasted. But I’ve relinquished it. It was dormant and unworked when I inherited it; we worked together awhile and now it’s gone back to the earth again… asleep and not dead, waiting for someone to love it and rebirth it anew.

My new garden actually has grass, an amazing thing. It’s also only the size of a modest room and has high fences and walls. I have a plan for it. I find myself leaning against the corner of the window of my room, staring down on it like a plan of itself, and whiling away time dreaming of it full of light and colour. In fact, the majority of the flowers will be white, in honour of the Goddess; they will glow in the dusk and fill the air with scent, and I will sit amongst them, and bathe under the Moon, and feel renewed.

A dear friend has given me a hanging basket full of the most beautiful begonias – one of my favourite flowers. They’re not up yet, but I know they’re on their way. Ready to hang outside my door as a constant reminder of the Summer to come and good times…

I know my heart is healing and becoming quieter now that I’m allowing the calm and the green sappy balm of plants to infiltrate and soothe me. Thank the goddess, it’s about time!




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13 02 2009

Some tantalising ideas for you —

Magical white flowers, night-scented (nicotiana,mock orange). Not a hard stark white, but ivory and cream. Put in plenty of silver and grey foliage (artemisia, santolina, lychnis) lovely at twilight. Eleagnus ‘Quicksilver’. Pure white Lilium regale (I put mine in pots to keep snails away), hostas in damp spots, How much shade do you have?

And for summer, the white agapanthius (‘Polar Ice’ is beautiful) — originally from southern Africa but on sale at Fodder’s. If your garden is hot, you could put in cream varieties of cistus. For height, spires of white verbascum or delphiniums. Shasta daisies are very luminous at dusk and last forever, just need to be cut back. Freckled white clematis climbing up walls.

Remember Japanese anemones for autumn, like windflowers.

How I long to see it and hear your ideas — please take pics and send them to me.

xxMary in Africa

14 02 2009
The Green Witch

My dearest, thank you. All such wonderful ideas!! My plantswomanship is really rusty. I’d forgotten about the beautiful mock orange… it was a feature of all my childhood gardens, which makes it doubly appropriate for my new one.

The garden is 10/10ths shade, except for the far eastern corner, so is ideal for my purposes. I love white delphs and shasta daisies… and the clematis has a ready-made frame in the picket fence that runs along the eastern side of the lawn. Perfection.

I will indeed take pics! And what’s more, I’ll post them. Suddenly, enthusiasm dawns… it’s a great feeling.

Lovelove xxxx

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