2 02 2009

Seshat, Cymraes and I met up for lunch, gossip and shopping on Saturday and it was wonderful. A real meeting of the minds! I was amazed by the amount of attention we seemed to draw – three powerful women wearing black and pentacles sitting giggling in a cafe eating our lunch, toasting each other with coffee and glasses of water!

Cymraes brought us bottles of St Oswalds Well water which will be wonderful incorporated into work. We went to tha parish church, the Cathedral of the Marches, and had a good look at the carved misericords which were utterly beautiful.

I hope we can all meet up again soon – the Ludlow Conference looms and we’ll all be there!!




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2 02 2009

It was indeed a wonderful day! I was oblivious to the attention we drew tho’, hardly surprising really. The power we must have generated…

I forgot to tell you, (silly me, but we had so much to talk about…) when I drew the water from the well, a single raven, cawing lightly to no-one but himself and me, flew over head…

I think ole Perry Como was on to something once…


3 02 2009

How magical that sounds! Well water and pentacles and gorgeousness in black. I can’t wait to hear how the conference goes.

xxMary in Africa

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