To Be Silent

29 01 2009

The ways that humans forge bonds and channels of communication fascinates me. It’s almost as if the communication is a carrier wave, which can be used to transmit either clear speech or code. Let me expand.

My job requires exceptionally clear and concise communication; to individuals, companies and those within my company. There isn’t any room whatsoever for error, and the information transmitted has a high factual content which needs to be got across in as condensed a form as possible. Most of the transmission is verbal. Even in this highly regimented environment, mistakes and misunderstandings occur. If such is possible under such tight control, what happens when the main disruptive ingredient – emotion – is added? Absolute freakin chaos.

Come away from the professional environment and into the world of the regular guy and you’ve got a minefield. If you can find someone – anyone – whom you can have a sensible, mutually understandable conversation with on a serious topic for longer than 10 minutes, you’ve struck gold. Because so many people are incapable. They either shy away from emotional discussion, or refuse to ask questions either of themselves or the person sitting opposite; or if they do ask, they don’t listen to the response.

Listening is the difference. Listening makes the person into a human. Trying to empathise and understand is the way to really hear someone. Leaving your prejudices at the door is the way to make sure the words you hear will at least get past the first layer of consciousness.

The carrier wave exists as a clear channel and it’s filled with either gibberish or sense. I’d say that it’s a 50-50 split beween a desire to communicate and a genuine desire to listen that ensures the code is cracked. If either of the sides is unwilling to do their part, the enigma will never be broken.

As witches, being silent, listening, is one of our hardest lessons to learn. Perhaps this is why so many of us go into the listening game and become counsellors. Perhaps listening to our own interior voices, and the voices of our Gods and Goddesses, gives us the capacity to listen to the humans around us. We’re used to it.




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30 01 2009
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3 02 2009
Brian Charles

What has been fascinating for me since coming to live in Hungary as a priest and teacher is that i am much of the time unable to understand the words that are being spoken around me. This is getting better – I can sometimes follow gist of conversations now but detail still eludes me. What I have had to learn to do is listen to another language – one that does not have words. This is particularly true now that I am in an intimate relationship with someone who has no English. Although it is a strong incentive to learn English, this has meant that we have had to find non-verbal ways to tell each other how we feel.

These are languages of silence – of eyes and of gesture – and, in the latter, of touch.

5 02 2009

Agree….you have to allow the person you are communicating with the space to talk first! In my experience by listening you allow the other person let go and the conversation can find a deeper level once you have given that space to the other and attuned to their vibration.

Once the first few minutes have past, then you will hopefully find a natural pause to add your thoughts…:)

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