At Peace

8 12 2008

Like Marya, I’m finding the new interface here at WP ‘interesting’ but I love a challenge, so I’ll just keep battling away! 

I have a new, permanent and impermeable magic circle about me – my house, my refuge, my den from the world at large. A new, smart, tidy, tiny place, dubbed ‘The Little House’ and now referred to as such by all that come there. Thrice guarded, warded and blessed, it will protect me, my son and anyone I choose to allow inside. My Gods and Goddesses are here. The better part of me is here. My hopes and dreams are here. My things, my amulets, my collected treasures, my spells and books and stones. All here. My kitchen implements, necessary tools of the trade, my garden tools, my music and my paintings and my writings and my umbilicus to the world outside. Here. For me, and me alone, and no-one can take it away.

I am truly blessed, you know. The ability to do this thing, to be alone, to live apart and unfettered is not given to everyone in my position and I am sensible of it.

These weeks have been a whirl of buying things and choosing things and arranging things and planning things. I feel like a child – full of hope, joy, and yes – peace. Why? I have no idea. It works, whatever it is




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8 12 2008

How wonderful you new place sounds. You’ve been through one side and are now coming out the other, all fresh and new. Congrats, dear!

8 12 2008

Happy New Home Blessings, Wonderful news- you are settling into new home- new beginnings- you deserve to be happy. Jolly yuletide greetings.

9 12 2008
The Green Witch

Thank you my dears. Wonderful to have my own space again, I can tell you!!

10 12 2008

You have been much in my thoughts–I am glad to know that all is well. Bright blessings on you at this time of new beginnings.

10 12 2008

You deserve every bit of it. You have battled so hard and continually held onto your integrity. I have marvelled at how you have always taken account of others’ feelings in this struggle. Now it’s time for you.

I look forward to cracking open a bottle and paganing your new home.


11 12 2008
The Green Witch

My dear Sabrina, thank you! To be in your thoughts is a good feeling… bless you.

Seshat, my lovely love; there’s a dinner date on the calendar for you at The Little House – just say the word!

12 12 2008

I had tears in my eyes reading this lovely post.
I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to read this. I am so very pleased for you my friend.

12 12 2008
The Green Witch

Arnametia, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your care for me. I will call you this weekend. xxxxXx

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