Frost Moon

13 11 2008

 As I was walking home from Seshat’s last evening, the Frost Moon came sailing through into a clear sky. I followed Her and Her scudding cloud hounds, shivering and wrapping my scarf around my head, pushing my hands deep into my pockets. When it’s that cold, the air smells dry and ancient and full of electricity. You can hear the wind building up static in the trees overhead, the constant sussurus like gossip half heard.

Seshat and I had a wonderful evening, eating chips and fish and bringing each other up to date with days and doings. We talked most especially about the blocking of will; when we have the will and the energy and the desire to move forward, but when the circumstances and situations just won’t support the moves we want to make, and in some cases need to make. It’s extremely frustrating, and has the power to bring one very low. I suppose the trick is to keep battling away, not looking for the solution, just resting with the idea that there is one out there, which we can’t see yet. Or, perhaps, that there’s no final solution as such; simply a route through. The equations might not balance in the end, but by then the game might have changed in any case.

All that Full Moon light and not enough to see by! Praise the Goddess, we both need maps!!




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13 11 2008

I have done, and still do, a lot of work with labyrinths and this reflects how I deal with those times when I do not feel that, despite my intention, things are moving. Then, I have to remember that there is only one path and that I just have to walk it blindly at times – trusting that a time of seeing more clearly is ahead. For the labyrinth approaches the centre, skirts it, and then lurches back towards the edge. And then, often when least expected, the centre again appears.

Last year was very like that. I am hoping that this year will be somewhat less challenging, although I know that She has Her own plans.

13 11 2008
The Green Witch

I haven’t done as much with labyrinths as I might; perhaps I should take a lead from you, Brian.

I hope this year is less challenging for you too – good luck and bright blessings on your training!

13 11 2008

That is just it- were there’s a will- there’s a way. Sometimes the fog – shrouds the right direction- sometimes we almost get there and then get befuddled- almost ending back where we started- but if we keep on at it- a way will be found or the solution will find you. Brightest Blessings,

14 11 2008
The Green Witch

… and a solution for my tribulations at least is starting to show itself… it’s amazing what happens in life, when you think you’ve not got a hope. Hooray!

17 11 2008

I love your phrase “there’s no final solution as such; simply a route through” which whilst frustrating, has a resonance of truth about it. May be this part of the process of developing Will, part of the growing of character. This post means a great deal to me . . . suddenly I don’t feel so pathetic or so alone . . . thank you!

18 11 2008
The Green Witch

Absolutely NOT pathetic, and NOT alone either, my dear Andy!! Bless you,


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