OK, I’m just going to say this and then…

2 11 2008

Then, dear people, you may shoot me or whatever!!!

I have a moderately long fuse, but it has been tested almost to snapping point by the tag surfer here at WordPress this week. I’ve been quiet, largely; reading and mooching and listening and like always with me, it didn’t take long to find something to have a pop at.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The machinery of the tag surfer is doing its job as always – in fact, WordPress is so freakishly smooth and glitch free it scares me, touch wood, dodge a ladder, chuck the salt….

NO. The problem is the rude members of the ‘opposing’ side who insist on tagging their posts Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism while either having a pop at the funny lookin’ witches over here, or nearly busting a gut fulminating on the evil in the world in general, or us in particular.

I have had two sensible conversations with Christian bloggers over the Hallowe’en / Samhain period; both had a point of view but were keen to share thoughts and we didn’t agree, but were polite and respectful and keen to hear the other side. And I’ve had three not so polite exchanges. The polite ones were men, and the impolite ones were women, but this may not be statistically significant.

I realise I’m tilting at windmills, but why shouldn’t I have a crack at this? There’s so much misformation out there! 

When I start tagging posts like this Christianity I’ll know I’ve really hit the bottom of the barrel. The only reason I’d do that is to get myself noticed by, well, Christians. And I don’t blog for Christians, or to bait Christians, or to engage Christians in debate. If I want to do that, I think I’ve shown I can find my own debating partners with little or no trouble.

So I’m left with the surmise that the Christians of this particular stripe, the frothy, Hallowe’en-is-the-devil’s-work sort, WANT to mix it up with us. Perhaps they think we need saving, or intervention, or a lifebelt.

Ps, you guys – for all we know, Hallowe’en may very well be the devil’s work – from a commercialism point of view, particularly in America, it takes some beating for exploitation, trouble and the creation of pointless purchasing opportunities. But don’t take it out on the poor pagans. We’ve got the curtains shut, pretending we’re not in, while thousands of small children hang on the bell wanting chocolate. We just want some peace and quiet to cast our sacred space and talk to those who have gone before.




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3 11 2008

While there are probably a few (though very few) Christians who are actively seeking to bait you into a debate or even a flame war, I suspect that most who post that kink of message — that all Wiccans are devil worshiping evil-doers — are just trying to make themselves feel better about their own choices in life. I believe they are actually looking for reinforcement of their prejudices, not enlightenment.

And I think there are some pagans who have very similar motives.

3 11 2008

Stick it to them, Darling! Better yet, send them this way, I know a magician who loves to eat a few Christians before dinner!

3 11 2008
The Green Witch

Lune, welcome and thank you for commenting. I believe you’re right in part; I think there are more than a few individuals of this stripe who would call themselves Christian; and surely, there are plenty of pagans who are out to shock and perhaps to offend. Reinforcement of prejudices – perhaps so. Controversially, you could say we are blogging here in order to reinforce our prejudices regarding witchcraft!

If I thought for a moment that most of the impolite folks were tagging in order to get into a measured debate with our side of the house I’d be delighted. I’m pretty sure that it isn’t the case, though. I wish it was.

Nauf – 🙂 I just wish it was possible to talk to this sort of person in a rational manner. I don’t want to save them, just have a discussion!

6 11 2008

For what it’s worth, I NEVER use the tags. No way. Nothing could induce me. And I see now that I’m really glad I made the decision early on. Yeuck.

6 11 2008
Evening Breeze

I think there are many whom love to start a fight and others who pretend at being christian or pagan.
Either way its something we just grit out teeth about and ignore because they will always be at odds with us and they think everyone needs ‘saving’ from something.

6 11 2008

‘Fraid I can’t be arsed either way. Let the Christians get their knickers in a twist, there are enough pagans who do the same and want to get the Christians all riled. I haven’t time or energy for either camp.
I’m not particularly interested anymore in interfaith discussion, I just want to get on with my own thing, you know?
World-weary sigh 😉

6 11 2008


I understand exactly what you are talking about! I’ve never understood why Christians deliberately post on pagan threads– on any site– only to be confrontational and in your face.

I had to delete one dude from Blessed-Be-Uk Network. He wanted to mix it up alright– with Pagan Ladies, and he had some rather bizarre requirements.

And, from personal experience, I can tell you that it is almost impossible to talk to these people rationally. They seem to have only one thing on their mind, and that is to ‘save’ you!

Bright Blessings,
Lady Amythyst Raine

6 11 2008
The Green Witch

All good points, people!

My problem with this is simply – true evil multiplies when good men do nothing. So we’re torn between letting them get on with it or standing firm – note, not fighting back! – against the tide of fundamentalism of whatever stripe!

Blessings, TGW

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