So What Do We Blog For?

23 10 2008

This is a good one.

We’re all here, clearly we’re communicating and sharing. But what are our other motivations?

This question has been bugging me, and others have asked it in their differing ways.

I always said I’d say what I needed to and then stop. I feel very much as if I’ve reached a natural stop in the blogging process, at least for the moment. Needing time to assimilate, change, allow for differences and new happenings in my life.

This seems a good time to pause; people need me corporeally, as well as virtually. I’ve got a great deal of work to accomplish. Samhain will allow me to start the year anew; to press forward for new experiences and new heights.

I’ll come rushing back when I’ve got new, exciting things to share with you all! Until then, may the road always rise up to meet you.

Blessings, The Green Witch x




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23 10 2008
Brian Charles


Just popped over to say that I had tagged you, – but forgot that Andy already had! Ah, well, the tag still stands

Hope you’ll be back soon


23 10 2008

Well Said- What do we blog for? Sometimes I find I have’nt been on for days- and feel I have not alot to say! Most of it is a ramble of my daily life! Really written like a diary and we wouldn’t let any one read that? Strange! Why do I do it?
It is – to me anyway- a glimpse that people allow us into their lives- their trials & tribulations- the similarities & the differances. It is fascinating-but sometimes I really just do not have time- and feel like I am neglecting somethings that are more important.
As you say TGW Samhain is coming- and so a new year- new beginnings- I may just have to think about this blogworld of wonder too.
You take very good care of yourself- and I look forward to sharing the exciting things coming our way too!

24 10 2008

This will give me the time I need to catch up on your older posts then :). I am happy I discovered you anyway. I wish you the best of luck with your non-blogging endeavours.

Until you return,

24 10 2008
The Green Witch

Thank you Brian! I will be back… 🙂

SRW, love to you too; I must say I’m looking forward to my break, it’ll be light a retreat of sorts – most refreshing!

Hemlock, welcome; have a dig through the archives; I’m glad to see you here!

24 10 2008

I shall miss your posts while you’re away–as I mentioned when you popped over to my blog just after I had set it up, you were one of my primary inspirations to try blogging as a way of reflecting about my journey into the Pagan world. You have been so supportive of my efforts, and I just want to let you know how much I have appreciated that. But of course I do understand the need to pause, process, and regroup.

Be well, and know that you are in my thoughts.

25 10 2008
moon bat

Dear Green Witch,

you are raising a quite important problem. In my opinion, blogging is like having sex: do it only when you really like to do it, and don’t do it if only for making happy your mate (= your readers). As love, blogging needs sometimes a pause. I too, being very busy since last month, am having a break.

I’m sure that, when you will be back, will have many things to tell us.

26 10 2008
The Green Witch

Sabrina, I am so happy to read what you have to say. Regrouping is what is required here, and with your customary incisiveness you’ve hit it right square! I shall be visiting all my dear friends and sharing their thoughts – but till I have something I need to share, I’m staying quiet. Bless you, and see you soon x

Moon Bat, thank you. I like that analogy! 🙂 I hope you enjoy your break as much as I hope to enjoy mine, and we will both see a new, refreshed other when we return. Blessings! x

27 10 2008

Only just came to this – for various reasons I’m behind in my blog reading. I often ask myself the same question about blogging. Yesterday I upgraded to a new version of WordPress and it went wrong. For a couple of hours I thought I’d lost everything I ever wrote on my blog. The good folk at my blog hosting company (Dreamhost) put it right, but to be honest I felt ambivalent. Deep down there was a smidgeon of freedom that the blog was gone. Gonna have to explore that!
Hope you enjoy your break.

27 10 2008
Headspace Examination « Rabbit and Coyote

[…] I honestly don’t remember if that question came before or after I read Green Witch’s latest blog entry. […]

28 10 2008
The Green Witch

Thanks Tess. So glad you didn’t lose your blog!! Phew! xx

31 10 2008

Gonna Miss you! {{{HUGS}}}

31 10 2008
The Green Witch

Thank you my dear – I’ll be lurking in the shadows!! xxx

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