Humph. Well.

15 10 2008

My airy prediction that I would wrestle the power flat and tame it went slightly awry, and I ended up not getting past the first base. Blocked, well and truly, by all the *other* stuff flying around. Sitting there in  circle, trying to centre…. and thinking about work. Gah!

I know this sort of thing happens to all of us. There are just days when things will not go right, no matter what you do. For me, the Full Moon is utterly exhausting, and by 8pm last night all I wanted to do was curl up in bed with my music on in the dark and drift off to sleep. Pathetic! 🙂

It wasn’t totally wasted as an enterprise, though. I cast a Celtic Cross with my lovely Intuitive Tarot deck and studied it as well as I could in circle – I’ve left the spread out on a table in my room so I can go back over it tonight. There’s a great deal to listen to in this particular spread, with the situation in question, and I need to understand the results fully.

Sia’s excellent suggestion to work with the power of the balanced moon – half light and half dark – seems to me to be an elegant way out of the problem. I’m just not a Full Moon type of girl. We’ll call the Full Moon my ‘bad time of the month’ and look for good times instead!

I love working in the rising full, and the dark of the moon has great attraction for me also, perhaps because it feels like the potential contained within is similar to that of the seed, before it is watered and has sprouted. The waning moon, particularly the week after Full and the week before New, is an intensely draining time for me, rather like the tide going out. I think it is extraordinary that, since taking this path and beginning to pay attention to the aspect of the moon and my corresponding feelings and moods, I can see a clear connection. It would be like the tide, come to think of it. All that water inside us!




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15 10 2008

My worst time is the week between half moon and the waning quarter. Once I am past that waning quarter I’m fine, but I rarely sleep well in that week.
I slept like a rock last night! I love both full and new moon.
I like working with the darker aspects of the new moon. It’s less about potential for me, more about see the darker shadows without the glare of light …
Am I sounding scary yet? Am I? Huh? Huh? LOL

15 10 2008
The Green Witch

All the most fun and wonderful things in life are slightly scary, my pet; just don’t do that laugh at me when I’m holding a drink or I might end up wearing it! 🙂

15 10 2008

I love working with the Dark Moon. It’s probably because I was told years ago that I shouldn’t do it, and me being me, thought “bah – I’m gonna!” and I did, and it was amazing! I am currently focusing on New Moon energy, with a small group, and this too is proving very powerful and really has got things moving for me in a very real way.

Many blessings, GW, I will always be happy that our paths crossed in Blogland!


15 10 2008

oh, now you’ve given me ideas …. just as you’re about to shove a mouthful of chips in your mouth, I will fling my dark cloak about my shoulders and laugh like a maniac!!
Actually am feeling awful – virus. Will be in touch bout Friday. We may have to postpone.
love you

15 10 2008
The Green Witch

Andy, I can see you now – ‘Don’t do it, Andy,’ and you saying, ‘Orl rite, I will!’

Whomever told you that did NOT understand your motivations ! 🙂

Me too, my dear – very glad to have met you! x

15 10 2008
The Green Witch

My Dear S – no problemo! I hope you’re feeling better! I’ll email xxxx

15 10 2008

It is quite amazing the influence the moon has on the emotions. I find the new & full moon to be more vibrant- I can sense the electricity- energy around me- but 3 or 4 days before the full- I am very restless and quit often weepy. The waxing moon is the time I feel more at ease & calm- sort of more in control- the time when my workings seem to have better effect. As we are a goodly % of water is it a wonder we ebb & flow so. Brightest Blessings.

16 10 2008
The Green Witch

I think we’re quite similar SRW. The Full is just too vibrant for me to work with. I love being out under her light, but waxing, too is the way forward!

18 10 2008

It was enlilghtening for me to read this post as I have been feeling kind of spiritually “blah” a week or so ago and wondering why. Yes, I’d recently gone through two weekends of minor but annoying sickness, but I really felt it was more than a runny nose that was making me feel both tense and washed out at the same time. Having read your post and all the wonderful comments on it, I now understand that the moon’s effects on each of us is highly individualized. What inspires and energizes some of us just doesn’t seem to do it for others. Now I know that, the key for me will be to do as you have done and keep careful note of my spiritual energy levels relative to lunar phases. Here I go, sounding like the science teacher I am–next thing I know, I’ll be creating a line graph and doing a full-fledged data analysis–NOT! 🙂


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