Being Brave

11 10 2008

Both myself and Seshat have been battling both negative opinion, recently; and the rot hasn’t rested with us.

We find it takes proper guts and resolve to stand up to your detractors; it’s all too easy to be a yes-man, a people-pleaser, and to keep the peace and the general status quo intact by bending, breaking possibly; and for what? So you can be broken again, afresh, to bleed again from new wounds when the sacrifices made cease to be enough for the rapacious hordes at your gates? I think not.

Seshat gave me a present, yesterday. Along with the fun, the laughter, the companionship which is ever-precious to me, she gave me a thing she had made in circle. On it was a house, a tree, an armoured animal; it smelled good, it had substance. It is now under my pillow and I feel the strength, the stubbornness, the tenacity and the drive it contains from here, and I’m ten feet away from it. It is inspiring me.

I have been doing work myself with sigilisation; I’m really enjoying the elegant and elemental shorthand and the focus it requires. For me, the smaller and more intricate the sigil, the better it works. I use a draughtsman’s pen and thick paper, and I need to be in the right frame of mind, obviously; my palms burning to create. Once made, the sigil is admired once, for posterity, then burnt and forgotten. This on the priniciple that a cake won’t rise if you keep opening the oven door.




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12 10 2008

I’m so pleased my gift is resonating with you. You are right about sigils; my gift was a combination though of sigil and talisman: I thought you needed something permanent and physical to touch, feel and be conscious of. A solidity and centre-focus.
Thank you for the jade bracelet you gave me. I have not taken it off (except when washing) and I do not intend to take it off for a LONG time. I’m drawing so much from it. The beauty of IT reflects the beauty I am finding in myself. Looking at it, wearing it reminds me of my True Self.
I am glad to be a companion warrior with you as we walk these startlingly parallel paths.
Love you

12 10 2008
The Green Witch

Delighted that you feel you don’t want to take it off! I made that bracelet with a really good feeling in my heart – it seems it’s gone into the stones. It really suit you and I can’t think why I didn’t think to give it to you before now – perhaps it was waiting to come to you when you really needed it. Bless and love you.

14 10 2008

What you say about sigilisation is new to me. I just googled it but got only a vague outline. Have you written more about it here? If not I hope you do.

14 10 2008
The Green Witch

I do feel a big post coming on regarding sigilisation, but I’m doing a bit more research and practice first!

15 10 2008

Yes! Here’s to finding our own voice with no betrayal of self to keep the peace.

15 10 2008
The Green Witch

Couldn’t agree more, Beweaver. More power to our elbows! 🙂

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