Thelemic Symposium – Thoughts

5 10 2008

Now I’ve got something, no matter how basic, down about the talks I wanted to discuss the feelings a bit – there were plenty. 

Despite being very much a fish out of water, and somewhat on my mettle, I left the event feeling pretty comfortable. Granted, we didn’t stay for the Mass, let alone the disco, but we put in a good long day and got a lot out of it. 

Seshat sat rapt the whole day; she was clearly absolutely involved and taken with the proceedings. I can see the draw, frankly; there’s a level of energy and purpose, academic direction and pure spiritual effort that I find lacking in much similar work in Wicca, for example. 

The whole day energised me and exhausted me at the same time – I found I’d sat still so long my bum had completely dropped off to sleep but I was utterly enthralled by the talks and the hours flew by. I can’t actually remember a time I was that engrossed in speeches for a whole day – I don’t think I ever have been.

The personalities were fascinating. I found I could tune out to a certain extent and ‘get’ who were readers and who were doers. Seshat, ever more capable that me in this department, got several quite difficult characters identified in the throng. The people are more vital, more dangerous, more interesting in this line of work.

I wish Boleskine and Naufragio had been able to attend; they’d’ve got so much more out of it that I did, and I got loads!




4 responses

5 10 2008

I’m so happy you two had a great time. We wish we were there with you. Aside from some areas in Thelema that I sometimes struggle with, everything about Will makes perfect sense.

5 10 2008
The Green Witch

Hi my friend; you would really have loved this day; I have notes for you! 🙂

The subject of will was actually the theme of the day for me, although it wasn’t stated. I did a great deal of side-work in between note-taking and it stood me in enormously good stead and has had benefits already. Amazing benefits. Hooo-Arrr!

6 10 2008

I would have been rapt with you, GW! Like you, I know very little about Thelema, but the little I have read is thrilling and exciting and has a real resonance. I know I need to know more, and your posts have inspired me in this direction – thank you!

7 10 2008
The Green Witch

Check out also Seshat’s link to the Scarlet Imprint – wonderful resource there, I think… plus a wonderful excuse to spend money on beautiful books!! 🙂

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