Executive(ish) Pagan

29 09 2008

Been off the blogosphere for a few days, as I’ve been in Brussels on business, and not able to log in! It’s been a round of dinners, meetings, selling, negotiating and being herded about with a name tag on. Late nights, early mornings, delicious food and rather too much wine, but there you go!

I was sitting on the plane with my colleague coming home and was musing over the interesting personality split being a professional pagan can induce. My line of work is about 90% male-dominated, and to play the game well as a woman you need to be pretty tough and to take no nonsense. Many women take a cue here to de-emphasise their femininity and sexuality, and therefore they abrogate a great deal of their available power, in my view. Not I, Moriarty!

For example, my business wear. Flat shoes ( I have a post-feminist reluctance to wear heels when doing business – it implies you’re somehow not able to move freely or stand flat and square), grey pinstripe trouser suit, white frilly blouse and a red pashmina, red nails and dark pink lipstick. No messing about. As I’m ash blonde with dark brown eyes, the glamour did what it was intended to – ie, I didn’t fade into the background.

This sort of protective camouflage isn’t the ‘normal’ attire of many pagans – and in fact, it isn’t mine, as I’d much rather be in jeans and a warm sweater, as would any sensible person. At the end of the day, I’m a pagan doing a job in a difficult environment which requires a certain level of dress, but withal, I’m still a witch. The suit frames the pentacle.




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1 10 2008

And you looked stunning in that suit. Really gob-smackingly lovely.
I went through a phase where I abhorred women who used their sexuality in a professional context, but I have changed my view considerably. Now I think that all’s fair in love and war.
Unfortunately I am not as adept at using this part of myself. If my sexuality comes into play it is entirely subconscious and if I get a response I just get all cuffuffled and blush… I am reminded of how you were trying to teach me to stand sexily in my heels and I couldn’t stop laughing cos I felt like a knock-kneed goose!! Some women have it and can flaunt it (like you), other women kind of trip over their sexuality in a surprised “Oh THAT’S where I left it” kind of way (like me) 🙂

1 10 2008

I have to wear a suit for my work as a manager, and it doesn’t go down that well with me either, but like you, I have a job to do. At the end of the day, the clothes don’t matter, do they? That does matter is what they contain, and what it coming from within. That’s what counts!

1 10 2008

“it implies you’re somehow not able to move freely or stand flat and square”

It doesn’t imply it, it guarantees it! *laugh*

You’ve been in my thoughts, hope all is well.


2 10 2008
moon bat

Dear Green Witch,

perhaps, one of the things I prefer of England, the Country where I live since last January, is the fact that, for attracting men, women do not need to paint their hair and face, or to wear sexy clothes, as in Italy (where I lived) are used to do. This does not mean that I do not pay attention on the look: however, I am attracted by female beauty, not by sexy shoes or miniskirts. If men do not need to wear sexy clothes, why should women do it? Furthermore, witches have enough “charme” to seduce whoever they wish.

P.S. I have replaced my previous nickname “Murciélago”, difficult to learn and to understand for English speakers, with “Moon Bat”, its English translation.

2 10 2008
The Green Witch

Seshat, I have to say I felt similar to you over the women who used their girl-stuff to get the deal… and like you, I’ve changed my mind a bit. From my pov, sexuality isn’t a weapon as such, but it still works. And I’ve never seen you trip over yours… it seems to be working pretty well just now! 🙂

Andy, agreed. I find it pretty funny that we grumpily don a suit to do our thing, whatever it might be. See us at home in robes and a tall hat, complaining at having to put on Muggle-wear!

Beweave, my dear, hello! Doing pretty well, considerin’. Just back form another snore-a-thon in London xx

Moonbat – hello to you, new name! I admit I always thought of the car when I saw your name – it’s a Lamborghini, isn’t it? Didn’t know it mean moon bat though, that’s way cool!

3 10 2008

Moon Bat: I had to laugh
“…for attracting men, women do not need to paint their hair and face, or to wear sexy clothes…”
That’s because the general prerequisite here for a woman is a PULSE 🙂
Apologies to all Englishmen… maybe this just reflects the town where we live, whadya think TGW 😉 … I’m thinking shandy, I’m thinking “Passion & Pain Nights” at The Rooms … need I say more?

TGW, I think sexuality can be used as a weapon by both sexes, as I can unfortunately bear testimony to. But as to flirting in business, I think “to each their own” because if you get the contracts, it’s not like you are coercing, merely cajoling. After all, it is their choice if they are led by their didgeree-doos, and there’s nothing wrong with injecting a bit of fun into an otherwise dull world. My problem is that I can only flirt if I am serious and that just wouldn’t work in business. I can’t fake it, and I can’t turn it off and on at will – it just happens or it doesn’t. These days I feel like I am constantly tripping over my sexuality, in that I am continually surprised at myself and the outpouring of energy from my sexuality. This is a new place for me and I’m rather enjoying it 🙂

3 10 2008
The Green Witch

I agree with you there, Seshat, my love. Cajolery is more the level, rather than weaponry! I’d never dream of being aggressive with it – but if there’s the opportunity…. 🙂

Didgeredoos – love it! 😛

It’s your right to own and revel in your sexuality. Far from tripping over it, you seem to be picking it up and running with it! xxx

3 10 2008
moon bat

Dear Green Witch,

yes it’s true, “Murciélago” is the name of a car, but I chose such nickname because people were used to call me so (in Spanish Murciélago means bat), and I always liked it.

3 10 2008

Thank you, my dear. One is doing one’s best in the old heave-ho department 🙂 LOL

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