The Sum of the Parts

22 09 2008

When we work together as pairs or groups, what are our expectations? It might be fair to expect a larger group to generate more energy, or better focused energy, but we know from our least experience that this doesn’t happen; quite often, the reverse is true. The politics and compromise of group work can dissipate the power potential, leaving us less than the sum of the parts assembled.

When you work alone, you deal only with your own limitations; your own fears and doubts and your own imagination. How big is the room? As big as you can envisage. Or as small.

When you work in pairs, especially if you find a good formula, the world is literally made small and you rise above it and can see the facts, see the truth; this happened again with Seshat last evening.

I find it consistently amazing that I can gather for a working and be stressed, insufficiently grounded and prepared, anxious, not calm, and Seshat can bring me gently down and park me in the circle. About halfway through our devotions last night, I came back to my body with a little bump and suddenly felt my calm running through me again like a cool dark river.

We worked for strength for the people in our lives, and sent out our love, and asked for strength for ourselves too; today I feel like a new person. After we’d given our river offerings and said our prayers, I leapt into the air and yawped, loudly, into the dark cold air, nose to the stars, and capered with glee.

I worked towards Hecate; goddess of the crossroads, anger, underworld, air and darkness, to lend me her fury and dispatch and knowledge of the Way.

So what do I make of this? I see that together we’ve a strength that is largely untapped as yet; I see that the parts of ourselves that we offer to the circle click together into a vast, shadowy three-dimensional object, the function of which we don’t understand, and which we’re not likely to.

Our gods and goddesses are different, our approaches are different, even our ideas about the Way are different. This difference brings diversity, strength, infinitude of opportunity for opinion and new horizons to open before us. It makes us think. We are not hermetically sealed within a system, trying to reach out; we’re already out, flying in the limitless cold clarity of the air around.

 So our un-understood machine – will it hurt us? Do we need to understand to have it work for us? I don’t think it matters – it might be frightening to imagine the wheels grinding into life, but we’ve accomplished great things so far, on tickover. Overdrive might be an interesting experience.




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22 09 2008

And boy did you need to be parked in that circle last night! 🙂 My pleasure, darling. It was a fabulous evening. As I said after your “yawp” – I LOVE BEING A WITCH!!!

22 09 2008
The Green Witch

I love being a witch too – as I said to you, church never made me feel so good! 🙂

22 09 2008

As long as the universe understands, then there is no worry because it is your intent that matters and that surely can’t get out of hand. The mere energy you two have working together and the success it has brought as a sure sign of progress and positivity. Who is to judge it overdrive? Maybe it’s how it should be, we just aren’t use to that level of action……yet. 🙂

22 09 2008
The Green Witch

True, Naufragio. It works, so we don’t need to fix it! They say flying is the art of missing the ground… 😛

23 09 2008

I love working in pairs–I find in the inevitable committee work that is part and parcel of my job as a teacher, the larger the committee, the less productive work we get done. And when I assign group projects in my classroom, my preferred group size is two. When student groups are larger than that, someone is able to either drop out or be left out. I know this is hopelessly mundane talk compared to the gloriousness of both yours and Seshat’s descriptions of your most recent working together, but this is my life of late . . . 🙂

23 09 2008
The Green Witch

No, Sabrina, I think you’re right! Human dynamics dictate that two co-operate, three will exclude one, four will form factions, five will elect a leader…. mundane or spiritual life, it doesn’t matter; the common denominator is the human factor. We’re such predictable beasts, no?

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