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15 09 2008

To the Old House last night, and dinner with Seshat amidst the chaos of building and things being made new. It looks fantastic, actually – all the renovations complete, the painting done and the new improvements in place. A pity, perhaps, that I will only be able to savour it for a while. But I will be able to savour it; and at my favourite time of the year too. Small mercies, small mercies, but real and valuable.

I set up a space in the sitting room, on the new oak boards, with candles and blankets and cushions to sit on. It didn’t really occur to me that I was setting up a ritual space until she arrived and we walked together into the newly-minted room, awash with candle light across the buttery yellow walls and the glowing wooden floor.

We sat and ate and laughed, the ringing sound echoing off the bare walls and coming back to me like laughter overheard at a phenomenally successful party – you know the sort of laughter I mean; the sort that could hold back the tide and cheer one, whatever pain was being felt. The sort that makes you smile yourself, even if you’re not part of the crowd. Full moon and witches laughing – power!

Afterward I felt clean and full once again with the special power imparted by close friends and those who understand your very soul. We’ve both got choppy water ahead; but we’ve both got each other, and our close circles.

It comes back again to what is real in this life; you can strive forever for understanding with some people, people perhaps who you have every right to expect understanding from. You might never get it. Then, you meet people who make the whole process so effortless that you wonder what you’ve been doing wrong all these years.




11 responses

15 09 2008

I am so glad you have found laughter again!

15 09 2008

Oh, hun! I cannot begin to express how truly happy I am for you. You deserve all the beauty the world can offer. {{{HUGS}}}

15 09 2008
The Green Witch

You guys!! I’ve got my sense of humour back with a vengeance. Thank the Goddess, I was starting to feel really dour. Rather more Eeyore than Kanga, which is what I am normally. Hooray!

15 09 2008

I loved yesterday evening with you. It was perfect! You know how to romance a lady and give balm to heal the soul. I didn’t think I would laugh so much considering what’s happening in my life. A true gift that we can call forth Loki in the direst of moments and still find the fun. Laughing witches!!! Men be very afraid Mwhahahaaa 🙂

15 09 2008
Brian Charles

Just keep on bouncing, kanga!

15 09 2008
The Green Witch

Brian! That’s perfect, I am Kanga. 🙂

Seshat – here’s to the first of many. Romance is what you need! Loki come quick, you mischief maker, and rock it up for us girls stuck in a rut. Eeyores be gone!!!

16 09 2008

Wow, I quite fancy being “rocked up” by Loki! Just watch us at the Thelemic disco – Kanga and Leopard cutting a rug! Yeeehaaaaa!

16 09 2008
The Green Witch

Hahaaa! Could be sight for sore eyes, that one!

17 09 2008

Sounds like a wonderful evening! Laughter is indeed healing and magical; may you have plenty of laughter in your future!

19 09 2008

When I have gone through times of trouble and loss, I have always been amazed and reassured by my ability to continue laughing. I am so glad both you and Seshat are experiencing the healing that laughter can bring.

19 09 2008
The Green Witch

Thank you all, my lovelies. Still laughing!

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