Back to the Ford

12 09 2008

The Green Witch is home, refreshed and invigorated, from her course.

I got in, weary, but delighted with myself for aceing the exam and really kicking ass in the continual assessment part of the tutoring. Corporate courses are much of a muchness, usually – but we had some superlative trainers and we all learned so much in such a short space that it’s a wonder our heads haven’t split open completely. I have been offered a fast-track through the recruitment process for the company training us – amazing. Scary money and good fun to boot!!

A lot has happened for me this week – some distance has allowed a great many things to become clear. Like my dear friend Marya at African Alchemy, distance has a magnifying effect, sometimes; it brings the things that are far removed from us into specific relief. I have learned what I needed to about myself and my needs and where I want to go this week; some utterly astounding confluences of events, coincidences and synchronicities have meant that the windows have all lined up and I’ve seen to the other side of the galaxy. They do things differently there!

My son threw himself into my arms and said, ‘I have missed me!!!’ which I agreed with. Odd, and oddly apt for the situation. I have missed me. I’ve missed him too – and I’m glad to see both of us again.




6 responses

12 09 2008
Brian Charles

Wonderful! I am so glad that you are happy.

12 09 2008

Welcome back & Welcome Home. So glad you are feeling refreshed & invigorated. Brightest Blessings.

13 09 2008
The Green Witch

Brian, you are a sweetie. I am happy – I guess you can tell, huh?

SRW, I am glad to be home, Bright blessings!

13 09 2008

Well done on kicking ass! It’s strange, isn’t it, how even when (or perhaps especially when?) our brains are splitting open with learning, still somewhere there’s time and space for personal things to become clear. I like what your son said!

13 09 2008

Welcome home GW! I’ve missed you around here! It’s lovely to read of you sounding content and at peace. It may be that peace is something like being in the eye of a storm at the moment, but the fact that you have hold of it, and that it’s real, is something worth celebrating.

15 09 2008
The Green Witch

Tess, it was really sweet, and he seems to have realised somehow that I liked it because he’s started doing it at every opportunity!

Andy, thanks my sweet. Peace is like gold dust around here. Thank the Goddess I’ve found some!

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