Seshat and I

9 09 2008

My dears, send up a prayer for Seshat – she is not well, and will be away from us for some time. She says to tell you all that you are not to worry, but she will not be blogging or responding to emails for a little while. She sends her fondest love and best wishes.

… and as for me, I’m good! I’m on a course this week, five days at nine hours a day, so it’s not without its pressures, but the people are lovely and the course material extremely interesting. My Rowan is safe and happy, and getting on well, and being his boisterous and energetic self, and so I’m happy and fulfilled. I’m calm, energised, entertained, challenged and diverted. Who can ask for more than that?

I will be coming back to the regularly scheduled programming from next week – but till then, I’m on the equivalent of a holiday – so you’ll forgive me for playing hooky, I’m sure.




3 responses

10 09 2008
Abdur Rahman

Peace TGW

Blessings to you both. Insha Allah, see you when you return.

10 09 2008

Dear Green Witch,

I was sure this week to be great both for Rowan and you!

Am I wrong, or in the last three weeks your life is flowing totally according with the lunar phases? Sad while Waning and New, step by step happy while Waxing, till your total fulfillment while Full…

29 10 2009

seshat has dissapperaed , am trying to get in touch with her,my regards to her


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