2 09 2008

What a week. You confidently expect this sort of thing to be quite stressful, but in between keeping myself cheerful for my boy and organising my mental and physical division from my husband, I’m not sure I’ve got much time for myself in. That will come. I have been neglecting my devotions, and I’ll be glad to resume the programme with Seshat over the coming weeks. We got such a fantastic result from our last ritual that there’s only more ground to be covered, more depth to be explored there.

The moon rises towards the full over the weeks to come – totally auspicious timing. The power is there for the using.

I shall be away all of next week, from Sunday onward. This is for work, and should by all rights be a total pain, but actually I’m looking forward to some peace and quiet, my meals cooked by someone else, time to myself and some new faces. Hard work will keep me occupied, and I have a colleague and friend with me, so we can have a few quiet drinks and relax.

I have said this before, but I have been staggered, completely bowled over, by the strength of support and fellow-feeling shown me, especially here. It’s a wonderfully strengthening and life-affirming feeling. I feel entirely as though I am on the right path, at last, at last. I haven’t felt like this for at least 10 years.

Having not had this level of support in the physical world (long story!) except from a few very special and caring people, I can say you have honestly made the difference between failure and success for me. Without the strength, sanity, purpose and power you people have given, I’d have failed and gone back to my marriage with my tail between my legs. I had strength enough to make the move, but not quite enough to stick to the programme when the various ‘interest groups’ started applying the pressure. However, I was not alone. And my Goddess supported me too. Bless you.

The weeks to come may be interesting, but my life begins here, and I can’t believe the heady power of that thought. I feel like a lioness, once of a zoo, standing at the open door of a cage as the sun rises over the Serengeti. Time now to run for the horizon.




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2 09 2008

I know the feeling of standing at an open door and feeling energised, ready and able to run. The power of that feeling is something beyond words and with the energy experienced you feel you can move mountains – and you can! It seems that in various different ways and for many different reasons a number of us are moving into new places. I sincerely wish you every blessing.

2 09 2008

I know how exceedingly difficult it is to leave, especially with such a young one in tow. Mine was only 4 months when my ex and I split. I know you have the courage and strength to do what you need for both of you and your happiness. My dear friend, I will be here whenever you may need me. Any specific energy or support you need, you know are yours. Much love and hugs to you dear. You are a courageous woman and I admire your strength.

2 09 2008

Have a good week away.

3 09 2008
The Green Witch

Thank you my lovelies.

Foxy – when I get sorted i’ll be back onto CL to say hello and thank you to everyone. Till then, loads of love to all, and can you pass on big kisses and hugs to all? xx

3 09 2008

Anything at all, dear!

3 09 2008

Wow, we big cats are multiplying! You are looking so beautiful these days, Green Witch. The cover has finally been lifted from your light and it shows. Onwards and upwards. And I also cannot wait to get back into some ritual work together – desperately needed.
Love you always

4 09 2008

I am glad to hear that you will have an opportunity to get away, even if it is for work. I am also glad that you were able to stay strong this past week. May you continue to feel stronger and more confident with your new life as time passes.

4 09 2008
The Green Witch

Seshat, my love, thank you for that. I do feel rejuvenated, new, and hopeful for the first time in a very long time indeed.

Owlish – I think all this is a test, and it’s not supposed to be easy; but there rewards come if one sticks with the programme. Couldn’t have done it without you all, though!

4 09 2008

Dear Lioness standing under the waxing Moon,

the next will be a great week both for you and for your son

4 09 2008
The Green Witch

Murcielago, that’s a lovely picture… I’d like to be like that!! Thank you for your good wishes – I hope it is a good week – it’s a very important one for both my son and myself.

4 09 2008

From a Lion to a Lioness . . . roar baby! I seem to have found new levels and depths to my voice this past week or so, also. I’m still thinking of you and sending you the very best of intentions.

Blessings, my dear GW, bright and many blessings!


4 09 2008

Woman, you are amazing. Take the time you need…there are brighter things ahead.

5 09 2008

Have a wonderful week away from home. I hope it brings you strength and calm!

5 09 2008
The Green Witch

Andy – ROOOOAAAARRRR!!! (meow!) 😛

Thank you all. Bron – no more amazing than you – bless you!

Thank you Sarah! I hope so too – !

5 09 2008
Abdur Rahman

Peace TGW

I’ve nominated you for an ‘I love your blog award’ – which is nothing less than you deserve. I am sorry to hear of the tough time you’ve been through.

Blessed be…

5 09 2008
The Green Witch

Oh, thank you Abdur! Your comments are lovely, I’m glad you like the blog!

Blessings, TGW

9 09 2008

Back from the Mercian- quite a bit soggy – but nevertheless-managed to traverse the Labrynth- of with the old and on with the new- Then on to the Wicca Man- who was reluctant to burn. But in the end He lit up the night and sent all our messages- wishes- affirmations upto the Gods. I placed a ribbon on the Wicca Man- for you & Rowan- for strength – support and much positive energy. Enjoy your breathing space- time away- with something differant to think about and look forward to catching up on your return.

10 09 2009

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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