Lookin’ for a Goddess, Baby!

16 08 2008

If any of you girls out there have got a voice like a duck, I may have a job tailor-made for you!

This article is fascinating. Can you imagine what it’s like for this girl after she’s made to step down from office?




2 responses

17 08 2008

I feel very sorry for the girls. Horses for courses, different cultures an’ all that. But I think it sad that menstruation is seen as so inauspicious for this goddess image when that is when a woman really comes into her power. And the fact that it is then considered ‘fatal’ to marry a former goddess-girl just shows how entirely disempowered these chosen girls become – valued as a pre-womanly girl, rejected on turning a woman, and scorned for her womanliness for the rest of her life… very, very sad. That’s not the kind of goddess worship I want.

17 08 2008
The Green Witch

It’s another cultural manifestation of the systematic devaluation of women. I’ve been avoiding this particular bandwagon but I don’t think I can any longer!

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