It appears nobody is immune!

12 08 2008

The usually calm and measured tones of Jason Pitzl-Waters were somewhat disturbed yesterday – and I don’t blame him. The reason? Make Me a Christian.

Channel 4, home of the sober documentary and measured social debate have really thrown us a curve-ball with this one. It’s an interesting premise, and one that might work well as a live debate, but as a TV show? Come on. The preacher is a motormouth who is rabidly convinced his point of view is the correct one – essential if one is to be an evangeliser of any stripe. And the marks, *excuse me*, contestants? Check out the resumes here.

When you look at the exploitative nature of reality (reality?) TV, you have to laugh, but there are a hundred people lined up behind you who think it is a valid form of social commentary. And really, from a sick and twisted perspective, I suppose it is. However you cut it, the net result can only be to do the religious and social perspectives espoused by the participants a disservice.

Of course, there’s got to be a witch in there somewhere. This one is a lapdancer with a shoe fetish. Glad to see they managed to get someone who’s properly representative onto the bus!!

When I was younger and I railed against stuff like this, I used to get old-fashioned looks and a reminder that it took all sorts to make a world. Now I feel like a dyspeptic old fart, but I’m still irritated. Ignore it and it’ll go away? The problem is, it won’t.




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12 08 2008

Oh my Goddess! I hadn’t spotted this new TV show. Mind you, I guess C4 is also the home of Big Brother, so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.
I almost want to watch it now in a horrified sort of way…
Dyspeptic old farts rule!

12 08 2008
The Green Witch

It just looks so undignified; and if that makes me an old fart then so be it!

Surely it would be better to foster similarity rather than difference, positivity rather than telling us what not to do? What’s it going to prove, that Christianity has the intellectual property rights on good, true, ethical, moral living?

It’s just a bunch of voyeuristic garbage without a single redeeming feature that I can fathom. Grrr!

12 08 2008

I caught the tail end of one program. Pretty cringeworthy stuff. But hey? You mean we aren’t all lapdancing, shoe fetishists?! Darnit. I knew I was doing something wrong 🙂

12 08 2008
The Green Witch

Lap dancing? I can understand the lapdancing, I just don’t get the shoes!!

The shoes say ‘lack of self-control’ to me – and so, spiritual incontinence as well as acquisitional incontinence! Or am I projecting?

12 08 2008

As the owner of many pairs of shoes, I suppose it makes me incontinent too. Oh dear. Perhaps I should slim down my collection…

12 08 2008

Oh I missed this one! Perhaps as a Canadian I don’t get the channel? Mind if I grab a seat on the “Dyspeptic Old Farts Couch” with yous?

12 08 2008
The Green Witch

Glad to see you here, witchwoman – you are welcome on the dyspeptic old fart couch with the rest of us! Pull up a pew!

Blessings TGW

14 08 2008
Brian Charles

I am glad that, living in Hungary, I am in no way tempted to watch this But then, i oculd never stand Big Brother either.
Dyspepsia? Pass me the Rennies, please.


14 08 2008
The Green Witch

Hi Brian – glad to see you!

I never felt the slightest inclination to watch this – I fear I would have spent the whole time shouting at the television. The trailers were enough of a negative inducement … 🙂

14 08 2008
The Green Witch

No Mereth – I’ve got a thing about plants, you’ve got a thing about shoes! You love your shoes, and they’re part of who you are. Without my plants, I’d be nothing much, either. Perhaps I shouldn’t have picked on her shoes, I’m just so irritated!

14 08 2008
Brian Charles

hi – GW – i fouled up on the the link url – is it possible for you to change it to the above

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