Swimming the Current

18 07 2008

Wonderful work afoot, and there’s only more of it on the horizon. There’s so much going on. So much I hadn’t ever anticipated, even 6 months ago it would have looked unlikely. I ‘ve been carefully extricating myself from other things and streamlining everything I do to give myself the most operational time possible.

Fellow bloggers have been talking in recent weeks about this; the balance between spiritual and mundane life. Mundane? Not in my case. It’s life, but what an exciting life. I think partly it’s because I’m learning to appreciate even the smallest thing as important. The sum total is extraordinary enjoyment; of my surroundings, the people in my life, and my own company.

Clearly, I can make this whole scenario into a problem if I choose to do so, but I don’t. For once, I’m going with the current instead of fighting it.




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18 07 2008

I have found it so much more satisfying to sit back and float along than expend loads of unnecessary energy trying to fight and go some other direction. Whole worlds begin to open up when you stop fighting so hard you can only see your hand in front of your face.

I can’t wait to hear about all the wonders going on with your right now!

18 07 2008
The Green Witch

I will tell you!

I’ll be on CL tonight – been a bit quiet and this is because I’ve had colleagues staying with me in the last few days. Not much chance to blog. How’s it going over there?

18 07 2008

I totally understand everything you’ve written here, each word resonates with me. In recent weeks I have found myself in the place you describe, that place of being at the calm centre, no matter what is happening around about you. I agree it’s a very easy thing to say when things in ones life are good – this new place of being will be put to the test, but to find oneself in the wonderful place of being able to celebrate the joy in all things is amazing. I keep amazing myself at the moment, and it seems you’re in a similar place. Wonderful!

18 07 2008

You mean other than a bunch of ladies being silly and wild as usual? 😀

18 07 2008
The Green Witch

Fox, sounds good to me, I’ll be right there! 🙂

Andy, it is good. As you say, it would be a good trick to learn to preserve that feeling when things get a bit rocky!

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