11 07 2008

An absolutely hysterical afternoon, rounded out with something of a flourish by the discovery of this dyspeptic, clearly furious and bunged-up individual, who posted on Shepton Witch’s blog recently. I don’t think they like us very much, ye know. What they expected us to take from their comment – was it intended as a sober disquisition on our sartorial shortcomings? A digest on our body-language? What was the point? Perhaps, if they didn’t post, they would have exploded. Poor fing!

The fact of the post being anonymous just made it all the more laughable. I don’t think you can say you’ve really, truly arrived in the pagan world unless someone’s giving you a drubbing in print. Actually, you need three things – to be quoted in the national press, to be photographed at Stonehenge and to receive a drubbing in print. Right-o, two to go!! Where’s my bloody robes?




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11 07 2008

What made me laugh is that we’re being made out to be “lipstick witches” who demand vain and glamourous talkers! >cackles while rubbing her ugly warty nose< We enjoyed Ken Rees this year and Guy Ogilvy last year for the wealth of information and interesting subject matter – I don’t think either will mind me saying that they’re not vain, glamourous boy-toys for us chick-witches. Well, really!
The thing that I found just ignorant, was that The Shepton Witch had not made any personal dig at anyone, merely posted her own opinion on her own blog. Then the anonymous poster starts throwing sticks and stones at all of us! Either they ARE the organiser, or they’re sleeping with him to care so much ;-o
Right, so when are we off to Stonehenge? I’ll grab my caftan and be with you in a jiffy 🙂

11 07 2008

You all are cracking me up! At least you’ve maintained a sense of humor about it all even though the commenter seems to be the type that couldn’t take a joke.

11 07 2008
The Green Witch

Gawd, if we’re ‘lipstick’ what about the boots and bangles brigade? Wow, I’ve never been vain and glamorous before, I quite like it! 🙂

This person talks a load of horse-hockey. And so shrill! They need checking for high blood pressure. And vitamin deficiencies. Don’t want to lose them prematurely *mwohahahaha*

11 07 2008
The Green Witch

Hey Foxy – what else can you do? There’s two fools born a minute, and this character got two minutes’ worth, as far as I can see! 😛

11 07 2008

Me too! Me too! Can I bring my lippy brand of pseudo Paganism to Stonehenge and pose, slathered with lip salve (not gloss, please note) and pretentious dark garb?

Dear Goddess, let’s be humane and let this poor, sad little being alone. They must have been suffering a bad dose of PMS or similar and we should be kind and compassionate. Whenever, that is, you have finished having a giggle! 😀

12 07 2008

Anonymous posters don’t deserve the oxygen of publicity. Like whispering campaigns, such posts are just poison letters. I screen my messages and erase such posts unread. There will always be people around who are cowardly and undermine the blogging community as well as the community of those exploring the Craft and nature-grounded realities of expanded awareness.

Let’s stay with the need for open and honest posting on events like Ludlow and continue to articulate a vison that broadens horizons.

Love. Mary

12 07 2008

“vain and glamous” – I know, I’m seeing myself in a whole new light … lipstick, gold jewellery, a fake fur coat and huge heels. Actually, that just may be my trannie alter-ego, doh! If I was a man. Nope, I’m going to stick to being me. I get confused easily enough without having alter-confusion as well. Sigh.

12 07 2008
The Green Witch

I know you’re right Mary, and I definitely agree – and thank you for coming to visit!!
Guys, I couldn’t resist posting on this and I know I shouldn’t give people like this the time of day – but, I mean, really!
Seshat, if I ever actually see you tricked up like a BlingThing, I shall take a pic and send it to Gok! 🙂
Mereth – so true. I reckon I’ve squeezed all the schadenfreude out of this that I can – back to the regularly scheduled programming!

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