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7 07 2008

What do you do if your umbilicus to the Net gets cut?

We have had to move out of our lovely burrow recently to enable a large insurance repair to take place; the details are both sordid and disgusting but suffice to say there’s ‘dirty water’ where it should not be. Three months in the future we should be able to move home; until then, the family is ‘on vacation’ at a lovely little rented place at the top of the town!

The problem is there’s no phone line, because we can’t have one fitted for less than a year (thanks to the jobsworths at BT) and now I’m a song without a voice. Blogging at lunchbreak and when I hit the office early won’t do the job!! I think I have a solution to the problem, involving the boss’s third best laptop and a PCMIA pay as you go card.

It raises an interesting question about communication; I didn’t realise until I faced the prospect of disconnection how much of my life is lived in the Net. Where would I be without my network of bloggers and my forums to anchor me down? Where would I meet my compatriots in order to plan our strategems and look forward to future enjoyments? How would I even keep up with my correspondence? Paper, telephone, all hopelessly outmoded and worse than useless for this sort of work.

One of the things I love so much about conducting my pagan life on the net is that there’s no barrier to the confluence of ideas. It’s like a roomful of likeminded people. Actually, it’s better than that, because everyone’s got room to sit down, there’s enough air, drinks when you need them and there’s an automatic record of what was said.

So I will be here; by hook, crook or broom, I will not stray far. There’s too much exciting stuff going on for me to want to be away from it for a single day.




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7 07 2008

Just before you go off and spend a fortune on mobile/laptop communication, can I make a suggestion that Kim mean to tell you, only you didn’t call back. As you had a telephone line in your house, and it is essential for you to communicate with family and for work purposes, the insurance company should stump up and pay for the year’s rental from BT.

If they grumble, point out to them that you had electricity at your old house and that if you had to sign a year contract to get it at the temporary house, they’d have to bite the bullet – well, a telephone line is just as essential. Be strong and be a battleaxe.

I’m also sorry to suggest that it might be longer than three months. Think about all the people in and around Gloucester, whose houses befell a similar situation in the floods last summer – and some of them are only just moving back into their homes. I don’t mean to sound like the voice of doom, but I suspect that you may need six and possibly nine month’s worth of an annual contract. It’s going to take some time for the house to be cleaned up and then rather longer for the fabric of the building to dry out – you won’t be able to have any repairs and replacements done while everything is damp and icky, so…..

Sorry to be the one to sound the glumness note – please don’t send in the Israelis – but wouldn’t it be better to give the insurance company a bit of a kick and save yourself a small fortune in mobile bills?

7 07 2008

P.S. Your laptop does not take a pcmia card – but it will do a bluetooth connection to a phone – though at data transfer rates, you’ll probably want to arrange the mortgage before you try to surf…

7 07 2008

You may be very surprised at how you feel a month down the line if you just go with it and take the break; I was like you very much embroiled in the net until I voluntarily took a month off, it was one of the best thing I ever did. In fact I am seriously thinking of doing another sabbatical again as I have noticed my net time is creeping up again since I quit work.

I think for me the most telling thing was coming back online and realising how inconsequential a lot of it was, how the same people were making the same blogs and same posts just using different fora; no growth or development could be obviously seen. It was like I had just switched off the night before not 30 days previous.

If nothing else it is a great medium for sorting the wheat from the chaff as you work out where you really missed and where you had been indifferent to, but stayed out of habit/morbid fascination/sheer boredom etc.

7 07 2008
The Green Witch

Mereth, good point, actually. However, it wasn’t so much the insurance but the insecurity of having a phone line open at the address when we wouldn’t have been living there that put us off. I hope we won’t be there longer than 3 months! but we have the option of a 6 month rental at the new place just in case.

I’m lucky as I have a huge locker full of old works equipment and we happen to have a redundant pcmia card on paygo which apparently they don’t sell any more. As I won’t be downloading much at all it should be manageable costwise. I’ll monitor it for a month and see how bad the damage is! I could bluetooth the apple to my mobile but I think work would take a dim view 🙂

Nicnevyn – you may be right here. Yesterday evening was spent beading and watching a sneaky half hour of TV. Quite refreshing!!!

7 07 2008

Honey, I’m so sorry all of this is going on. I for one would be a complete mess if I lost my internet access. I go nuts if I’m without for just a little while because our cable went wonky! I feel for you dear! I’m with Mereth, if the reason for you being out of your house is not your doing, then someone should be held responsible for helping to foot the bill in whatever manner it needs to be done to get you to at least a comparable living situation in the other place. {{{Hugs}}}! I hope they get it all straightened out soon enough!

7 07 2008
The Green Witch

Hooray for husbands! Got a present today – a Vodafone 3G Pebble USB Modem! AND it fits my iMac. Aaaaand it’s a 7.2meg one, and it’s only £15 a month, all in. Double hooray! I am writing to you on it this very minuto. Saved!

7 07 2008

You are welcome to book internet cafe time at chez moi at weekends if you wish. I can provide tea and leave you to it. Bring over a laptop and you can hook up to our network. I can make a place for you in the bedroom/office/living room and I will leave you to it (as I will most likely be working!) and just supply you with tea.
Please DO take me up on this offer, as long as the little traipse across town isn’t too bothersome for you.

7 07 2008

p.s. no download limits here! 🙂

7 07 2008
The Green Witch

My dear Seshat, I will come across and coffeehouse with you at any given opportunity!!! There’s a lovely walk from mine to thine… and I WILL take you up on it! 🙂

9 07 2008
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[…] it isn’t a complete computer meltdown and I still have access to everything else I do.  TGW, I really don’t know how you are going to survive without yours for 3 whole months!  […]

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