…aaaand on Midsummer’s Day….

21 06 2008

… We give thanks for wellington boots, thick sweaters and hot flasks of tea!

Today’s planned excursion to the woods is going to be interesting. As I sit typing, the rain’s coming down like stair-rods outside the window, from clouds that look to be sitting somewhere near the chimneypots. My dear LB on WW lamented that we never get a decent Midsummer sun these days – how right she was!!

But, we make the best of what we get – at least we won’t be worried by inquisitive dog walkers!




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21 06 2008

Precisely my thoughts! At least my new wet-weather gear will get an outing 🙂

21 06 2008

I know, it’s absolutely bucketing down here in Bucks as well. Wellies and jumpers indeed!
I loved your Midsummer Blessings post yesterday, and despite the rain, the light is out there somewhere.
A happy solstice to you.

21 06 2008

Aye, lol I have just been out to rescue the tomato vines which took a pounding in the rain this morning, I am not sure they will recover. The rain now is that really fine stuff that almost doesn’t feel like its raining but gets you thoroughly soaked in no time what so ever!

21 06 2008
The Green Witch

Well, everyone, the weedy sun put in a 2 second appearance after our ritual and then disappeared again! Nicnevyn, I hope your toms recover – bright blessings all!

21 06 2008

I wish you all a wonderful, if rather damp, Solstice! I’ll probably be getting even wetter at Glastonbury Festival next weekend!

21 06 2008
The Green Witch

Blessings, Andy – have a great time at Glasto – there’s a pretty good line-up including Zutons and Suzanne Vega! 🙂

21 06 2008

I need to move where you are! Here in the middle of the USA (and the “bible belt” unfortunately) the weather drives us nuts! Insanely hot (32c) one day, comfortable (21C) the next. We are entering the 3 months of unbearable hot weather. I need to be where the hottest day in 80F( 26C) and I love the rain. It rains here, but not nearly enough for my taste. So jealous!

Love the blog and Happy Solstice!

21 06 2008
RG PetComm

You should be thankful for dog walkers.

Dog walkers and dogs are the most reliable and inexpensive security resource in society. With their daily presence in our parks and on our nature trails, they are the eyes and ears of the community, frequently the first to discover crime and consistently a deterrent to it. We should be encouraging the presence of dog walkers and their dogs rather than implementing public policies that restrict and prohibit them.


21 06 2008
The Green Witch

Thank you for joining us here, Mikki! Bright blessings. I’ve had a look at some of your work – fantastic stuff!

It’s still raining here… at least the garden is soaking it up!

RG PetComm – your comment made me laugh somewhat! I can appreciate the benefit dog walkers can have to security, but it’s partly counterbalanced by their leaving *land mines* everywhere! And the woods we were walking in are not public property, they’re wild land. If dog walkers are prepared to take responsibility for their pets, and clean up after them, then they’d get a much better reception.

21 06 2008

We have had a beautiful day here, well the last several days really. Hubby and I were up at the crack of dawn with coffee and doughnuts in hand. It was quite lovely. I’m hoping to have a few morning pics to share in a day or so. The rest of our afternoon is going to be spent out at the ball park, AGAIN, so it will seem much hotter than it really is.

Beautiful blessings to you, dear!!

21 06 2008
The Green Witch

And back to you, my darling.

Coffee and doughnuts? Sounds wonderful, I’ll be over in 30 mins! 🙂

22 06 2008

Mikki – move to Seattle! Although it can be very humid, right now we’re averaging around 70F every day. It will get hotter later on in the summer, but never for very long. And what better place to be if you love the rain? 🙂

I’ll unfortunately be spending my Midsummer day working, but I hope to venture outside for a few quiet moments with nature. Nothing much else planned, I’m afraid.

22 06 2008

Sweetie, if you were only 30 minutes away, coffee and doughnuts would be a weekly ritual! 😀

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