9 06 2008

For one reason or another I had to walk to work this morning, something I’ve never done and never contemplated. This is daft if I think about it – the town I live in is mainly flat, and my work is no more that two or three miles away at most, less as the crow flies! So I put on my comfy sandals and strode off in the general direction.

This took me along the side of the old castle, down across the gorgeous Victorian footbridge, through the water meadows under the trees, into the leafy quiet streets that back onto the river and out onto the main road just as it reaches the estate where I work. I saw birds, bees, butterflies; loads of happy children cycling to school, gardens and interesting flowers, people in their gardens enjoying the sun, cats on walls doing same, I smelled the cut grass and fresh-minted air and really, really loved every second.

I saw parts of my home town I didn’t know existed; re-evaluated my opinion of certain areas that I had always ‘known’ were ‘rough’ and are actually quiet, suburban, neat and tidy.

What a way to begin the day! Exercise, blowing away the cobwebs, a chance to wake up and prepare for the work ahead, not to mention the concomittant benefits from the CV workout. Perfect.

I’m going to most definitely get my bike out of storage and fettled up; much more fun than broiling in the car and getting an ulcer from the traffic every morning.




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9 06 2008

That back route is lovely. I use it to get to my mum’s sometimes. Glad you got something good out of the day. Such beautiful weather at the moment!

9 06 2008
The Green Witch

It’s beautiful! I’ve often been told aobut it but never had the guts to try it – or the need – and now I’ve found it I’ll be using it often!

Gorgeous weather. It did rest my soul and cheer me no end to be walking in the cool sunny morning – like a kiss on the cheek from the Goddess.

9 06 2008

Wow! It sounds wonderful, especially as I’m cooped up in a hotel with busses rumbling by every two minutes and sirens going off all the time – I’m enjoying your walk vicariously, so thank you!

9 06 2008
The Green Witch

Welcome, darling – sending green calm and bat squeaks your way!

12 06 2008

That does indeed sound like paradise! It’s unseasonably cold here in the Pacific Northwest, and I haven’t seen the sun in ages. Besides, the town in which I live is not exactly pedestrian friendly. I hope I get to enjoy a morning like that before the summer is over!

12 06 2008
The Green Witch

It’s funny, Britain seems so much more geared up for pedestrians – and we never really take advantage of it.

Here’s hoping you get some sun and fine weather soon, Sarah!

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