Simple Pleasures

8 06 2008

Down at dad’s this weekend enjoying a calm and happy family time seeing siblings and friends and just joining in with the gentle round of things to do.

I actually spent yesterday morning helping to clean the local church! which was gently amusing and great fun; everyone in this particular village seems to muck in cheerfully and there’s no particular personality clashes – all the children get to assist also which can make the cleaning less than comprehensive but much more enjoyable!

I am taking lessons from a wise friend and reserving time just to be without too much thinking. I’m not sure in any case how effective my brand of thinking is; I seem to confuse myself and get bogged down in minutiae. What’s it doing to everyone else?! And equally annoyingly, it seems that traces of the old ‘survivor guilt’ from the remnants of Christianity swilling about in the system seem to be rearing their heads. It feels a little bit like the diary room in the Big Brother House in my head – and a lot like I’m gazing at my own navel and ignoring what’s around me.

I don’t need guilt, I don’t need regret, I don’t need to feel sad about things that are over and gone. I’ve done things I do regret, certainly, and I’ve done my best to make them right and that’s it.

Joy! We need some joy, some mirth, some uncomplicated happiness around here, this minute – some mischief, some fun. I’ve had some this weekend and felt the old melancholy creeping in. Melancholy begone! You ae NOT needed here!

It’s sunny, the birds are singing, I have my family round me and a garden to explore. Leave the theology in the bookroom, among the dust and the spiders and the musty smell of constipated churchmen…. I’m off over the fields to frolic in the Summer breeze!




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8 06 2008

False guilt and regrets can be powerful enemies of the future, holding us back in ties around our feet, stopping us from moving on, stopping us from making progress. I, too, find that past Christian guilt can crop up from time to time, it’s not as powerful as it was, but it can still happen. You are right to send it packing! You are you, on your path, following your own journey, you’re not beholden to anyone or anything apart from your own path and calling.

I hope you enjoyed your frolics! Yes, we walk a path that takes us to some times of deep introspection, we cannot walk a path of transformation and not encounter that, but the transformation leads to freedom and liberation, not depression!

Blessed Be, Green Witch, I’m glad we’re fellow bloggers!

8 06 2008
The Green Witch

Me too, Andy. Good company on the road – worth more than diamonds to me!

8 06 2008

I’m game! When are we playing? ๐Ÿ˜€

9 06 2008
The Green Witch

Any old time you like, matey! ๐Ÿ˜›

12 06 2008

I need some of those simple pleasures, for myself and my boyfriend. I think the outside world has got us bogged down, so we’re both at a pretty low point. I’m looking forward to some time off next week when I can re-charge and spend a little more time with myself and the world around me!

12 06 2008
The Green Witch

Time off, get back to basics, and enjoy yourself. Hope it does you good, Sarah!

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