This beautiful thing…

27 05 2008

A friend, whom I have never even met, has made this amazing gift for me. She would take no payment.

I really wonder at the goodness of the people I’ve met on my Path; I’m just going to have to work harder on paying it forward and spreading the wealth a little!

270508 006

It is an altar top for my temple, and it fits precisely into the frame I already possessed for it. I have yet to stain and lightly varnish it; it’s so wonderful and perfect that I’m almost afraid to.

When I opened the parcel, it filled the room with the smell of smudgesmoke and incense. Truly, amazing.

I love the grain on the wood, it looks like clouds around the tree. Marie – I thank you from the bottom of my heart.




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27 05 2008

That is absolutely lovely! What a gift!

27 05 2008
The Green Witch

I was blown away, absolutely blown away, when I saw it. And the amazing thing is, this isn’t all of it. Marie did a green man on the reverse for me, so I could test the stain and varnish without affecting the main picture.

It’s of similar quality to the front – ie outstanding. What an amazing present to get – I’m still reeling, actually. How lucky am I?

27 05 2008

What a wonderful gift, and what a wonderful friend! Both are a real treasure!

28 05 2008
The Green Witch

It’s really something, isn’t it. We’re actually meeting in person at the end of June – hooray!

28 05 2008

Wow. That is just lovely. I am bright green with envy! We get the friends we deserve, but even so, you are doing rather well! 😀 😀 😀

28 05 2008
The Green Witch

Ha! Yes, I thought that too! 🙂

28 05 2008

Makes me feel a bit mercenary…. *wink*

This is gorgeous. I marvel at the lettering, it makes me bow down to the skill needed.

I will be shipping something your way this weekend… 🙂

28 05 2008
The Green Witch

Hooray! Thank you Beweaver, I am surrounded by beautiful things!

I believe Marie does all this freehand. I know she uses a naked flame for a lot of her work. Stunning stuff!

28 05 2008

What a truly wonderful gift- what a wonderfully gifted creator- and the giver & receiver such wonderful people too.

29 05 2008
Mama Kelly

What a gorgeous and meaningful gift!!


29 05 2008
The Green Witch

Shamrockwitch -awww, see me blush!! I still look at this altar top and can’t quite believe my eyes, that it’s here in my room! I think Marie – or Arnametia, as you know her! – is a genius at this work. She’s been hiding her light under a bushel for a long time!

Mama Kelly – thank you so much for coming by! Good to see you.

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