27 05 2008

Ages ago, I bought a very beautiful deck by Cilla Conway, called The Intuitive Tarot. I’ve been trying to get time together to work through the cards – I haven’t even studied them all yet!

It’s been a somewhat unpleasant weekend – constant driving rain, gale force winds and no prospect of setting foot outside at all. My father went to the village shop in the car to get the paper on Saturday – it’s 100m away. My son is teething badly and we’ve had a constant battle all weekend to get him to take medicine, water or anything at all to eat – added to which, Mr GW has been working 18 hour days, and we haven’t seen anything of him at all. Argh!

So last night, around 10, I got the chance to open the deck and draw a card. I got The Hermit. Bearing in mind I’m a rank learner in the tarot field, I’m quoting directly from the book here;

“Promptings from the unconscious that should not be ignored. Deep guidance – the voice of the soul urging you on to fulfill your destiny. The path of the unknown. Fear that must be faced in order to grow. Necessary withdrawal – from the rat race, from a given situation, from the familiar. Waiting for the right time.”

This was a really useful card to draw, for me, for this time. It’s helping with the feeling that I don’t have time for all of ‘this stuff’! I forget constantly that ‘this stuff’ isn’t extra to my life; it is my life. Perhaps I should say that everything I do is my life, and stop trying to enforce artificial distinctions. If the spiritual is ever to be afforded the same status in life as the mundane, then it can’t just be ‘for Sunday’. 

So that was me until this morning. I’d put the card aside in the book to write this post; reaching for the deck in its cloth I knocked it to the floor and one card came free of the wrapping. The Ten of Swords.

A naked figure, on a black background, the world above. Back pierced by the ten swords, but no blood. Head bowed.

“External events, war, destruction of a people or an environment. Acceptance, Endurance. Voluntary sacrifice in order to change and grow. Personal defeat, self-destructive attitude. The lowest part of a cycle, possibly an envious colleague or friend.”

This means a lot. Particularly in regard to the start of my post. I think this means I need to not be quite so quick to get frustrated and cast down when things happen. Lots of things happen – against war, destruction of environments they can only be transitory. 

I do feel at the lowest part of a cycle, but it’s a comfort to remember that it is a cycle; like the moon, the full will come again.


Do I read the blogs I feel speak to me the most or do they simply present themselves? I don’t know. All I know is, this jumped out at me from Women and Spirituality and it couldn’t have come along at a better time.

Synchronicity: perfectly powerful, simply effective.





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27 05 2008

Ah yes, Green witch I can relate to all of that. Once again that collective conscious radar is bleeping. I certainly remember those teething pains well, the tears, tantrums,sleepless nights and bright red cheeks and the babies weren’t so good either 😀

27 05 2008
The Green Witch

Thanks Ceri. The tarot is a focus for me – other posts, including Andy’s, have really struck a chord with me lately and I remembered I had actually owned a pack! Bought it so long ago it seems I forgot it was there.

I like the action of this collective thought – it’s extremely comforting.

lol re: the babies!

27 05 2008

This little bit really stuck out for me, especially since I read your other post first.

Voluntary sacrifice in order to change and grow. Personal defeat…

There is something significant in this part. The imagery is on a black background and is separate from the world. Indicative of the shadow self? Maybe a message that you need to do some sacrificing of certain ideals, the kind that allow the shadow self to affect our lives in a more negative way, that get in the way of your desire for a more simplistic connection with the divine. Ehh, not quite able to get in words what is in my head. Maybe I just need more coffee this morning. 😀

27 05 2008
The Green Witch

No, I think I see what you’re driving at. And I agree.

There’s side to me that resents and regrets having to make sacrifice, and another that sees it to be absolutely and fundamentally necessary for any advancement to take place.

I have a tendency towards self-flagellation and disempowerment, the ‘self-destructive attitude’, perhaps; largely because I shy away from displaying arrogance of any kind. I think there’s a balance to be struck here between needlessly running myself down, and doing the exact opposite! It seems to me to complicate the relationship between action and results. A little less conversation, with myself, perhaps – a little more being and doing.

27 05 2008

I think it’s great that you’ve found your tarot pack! I turn 3 cards on a Monday (although this week work has pulled me away rather early in the morning, so it will be tomorrow this week!) as I think it’s good to interpret the cards with other cards. I find it a really powerful way for Goddess and God to speak directly, and sometimes I draw other cards to assist the journey that week. I wish you well with this!

28 05 2008
The Green Witch

Thank you Andy – I’m just getting started again after a long break… back to the beginning, ho hum!

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