20 05 2008

I’ve just been for a short walk in my lunch break; there’s nothing more tiring that staring at a couple of glowing screens for hours on end. It’s cold here; overcast and pretty unfriendly. I work on a trading estate, and there’s a really long road with a pavement outside our unit door, leading off toward the open country. A nice 10 minute amble, or 5 minute hike!

So off I go, feeling cold, the wind was cutting through my fleece, and I was all hunched up and resisting. Gradually, I warmed up a bit and started a conversation with myself in the back of my mind, looked about me, started taking notice of things other than my goosebumps. Trees in leaf, swallows, the forest on the hill bending in the breeze.

I got to the end of the road and turned round, and right then the sun came out and warmed me and everything else up. I strode back, swinging my arms, grinning like a fool, and thanking the Goddess and God for the day and the sun and the pleasure of being out in it.




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20 05 2008


20 05 2008

I love those precious times of office escape! It’s great to get out there and ‘be’ for half an hour, even if it is chilly! The wind today has been especially cold, I agree. I love that mental picture of you with the huge grin!

20 05 2008
The Green Witch

Not only was I grinning, but I think I was actually muttering to myself too. WHAT a picture 🙂

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