20 05 2008

This last two weeks has been an interesting time. I believe that one should question one’s faith, and not just every now and again; one should seek to constantly be asking questions, challenging assumptions, posing conundrums. This is how we learn, this is how we grow, this is how we avoid the complacency, spiritual sloppiness and arrogance that dogs so many.

Belief isn’t blind; well, not thinking, intelligent belief, at any rate. I know plenty of people of faith who have never read around their subject, who have no three-dimensional view of the space they inhabit, who have never considered an opposing view to the ideas they hold so dear.

If I seek to be challenged, am I playing devil’s advocate, or am I trying my best to understand my place in the world? I think I am.

 If I listen, does that make me a weaker person?

I think, unequivocally, not.

I am so refreshed by the renewed ability to think, to argue respectfully with others. I miss this! The last time I got any serious work done on this front was at University. As now, I generally took the lonely path off into the wilds, but learned a lot along the way. I’m cracking my knuckles with glee every time I approach the keyboard now – I want to be up and writing. This renewed vigour is a gift from the Goddess and the God; I am not going to waste it.

This religion seems to emphasise self-discovery, learning, questions and revelation. It focusses on development, on balance, on intelligence. Looking at oneself and the world in this different, stringent way takes guts and it takes character. If you don’t have these qualities in abundance, you soon develop them, or drop by the wayside.

At risk of being a johnny-one-note, I keep coming back to this issue of faith; what is faith’s intrinsic value, and what does it bring to the table other than a vague feeling of well-being? I know what I think; in fact, some of you might well be bored to tears hearing about it! This is, however, a fundamental underpinning to all we do here; if we profess faith, we should be prepared to defend it, if necessary. And if faith is a major component in our Craft, which it is not for some, then we likewise might be called upon by our own brethren to say why.

My feet are firm, I feel strong; the sun is coming up and the breeze off the hills is in my face; I’m on the Road.




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20 05 2008

Yes, I’ve been reading your conversations with Samuel with much interest.
I believe that the questioning of our faith is one of our most important tasks. Much more important than questioning other people’s faiths.
It’s so easy to slip into defensiveness, but I think we must be willing to open our faith (whatever it may be) to the possibility of loss if our questioning is to be true. It can be very painful letting go of certainty. Or even semi-certainty!
I think the beginning of the strapline you use for your blog title – barefoot and open-handed – speaks to both your willingness to question and to your strength.
By the way, I also very much enjoyed your post Walking that came in while I was commenting on this one. Such joyfulness.

20 05 2008

Whoo Hoo!! Way to go, Lady! It is a beautiful site indeed.

20 05 2008
The Green Witch

Thank you Tess. Facing challenges is something I’m not brilliant at; I’m teaching myself to be better, and the experience is a good one!

Thank you too, Foxy. 🙂

21 05 2008

There is no risk of being a johnny- one -note as you say, I too tend to revisit matters time and time again, sometimes repeat situations occur and I wonder if they have been ‘sent’ because I didn’t deal with them the first time well enough!
Regards the faith issue, I firmly believe in questioning myself and my faith. Thinking out of the ‘box’ and out of the framework that says that things ‘must’ be one thing or another.Lately, I have been working in a much more open way, trying to see the Divine within myself and without.But yes, I strongly have a belief and faith because I see it all around.

21 05 2008
The Green Witch

Ceri, I think you’re right. We probably do have to repeat thing as we didn’t get the point of them the first time around.

I think that one of the miracles of religious faith is the ability for it to keep on shining despite the attacks levelled at it by those who would seek to deconstruct it.

22 05 2008

Thank you for that, strength from within is one of the joys of faith 🙂

23 05 2008
Abdur Rahman

Peace Green Witch

If we don’t constantly examine your thoughts, we run the risk of becoming sterile and hypocritical. So, your thoughts seem to chime with my own in this regard.

As for self-discovery and exploration, although the religious traditions of the world have their own unique doctrines and ideas, unless they become ’embedded’ in the hearts/lives of their followers they will never ‘live’ fully.

Thank you again for a very thougtful post.

Abdur Rahman

23 05 2008
Abdur Rahman

Oops…. I meant ‘our thoughts’

23 05 2008
The Green Witch

Thank you Abdur, and I’m glad the post spoke to you – I shall be travelling over to your ‘home’ to see your thoughts too!

I’m glad you could join us here.

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