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16 05 2008

During the last few days, Samuel Skinner and I have been holding a dialogue on the subject of theism vs atheism. We have discovered that we couldn’t be more widely opposed in our world outlook, our beliefs, our understandings, our assumptions. From my own point of view, the process is, and I hope will continue to be, a wonderful learning curve; I hope I am beginning to understand what it is that Samuel proposes.

I do not agree with him, I don’t feel able to concur with more than a handful of the points he makes, but he’s got me thinking, and that’s good enough.

I would say that Samuel was sent along by Them to teach me a lesson and to make me question my assumptions, to get my mind working and to force me to be categorical about my belief structure. I’m grateful for the lesson; I’d be interested to hear what he says about the reasons for his visit here!

Curiosity sent me searching around; there really is a whole other world of opposition out there. I think witchcraft believes itself to be under pressure from entrenched evangelical religions primarily; to that I’d add militant atheism.

Perhaps, and this is only an idea of mine, the challenge of atheism is its persuasive logic – how wonderful it would be if everything one believed in was empirically provable, attainable, real.

And then, one must consider the macro position. This isn’t a discussion about the Craft, Christianity, or the particulars of science; it’s a polarity dance about faith vs no faith. Who’s right?


And as an interesting sidebar to the debate, and perhaps to shed a little light from an intelligent commentator, I’d append this link to a currently running discussion on the same topic.

I’m really interested in this – I spy another rabbit hole for me to flump off down! Could take me years….




6 responses

17 05 2008
Samuel Skinner

No- I happen to be acting on my own violation.

17 05 2008
The Green Witch

Sounds painful! 😉

17 05 2008

If someone denies my believe structure, that’s fine, that’s up to them and I tend not to waste valuable energy on convincing them otherwise. My spiritual practice works it’s way out in my daily life and that’s all I need to be concerned about. If someone denies my right to practice my spiritual belief system then that is another matter – no one has that right.

I think people who get so vexed about spirituality are a bit like people who get so upset about gay people – they’re secretly in the closet!

17 05 2008
The Green Witch

I agree, Andy. On both counts! 🙂

If we fight for anything, going forward in the world, it should be for the right to practise our beliefs. I deny no man his belief, but if he seeks to impose his upon me, that’s when I get reactive!

I am somewhat at a loss to explain why so much energy is expended trying to get people to believe in nothing spiritual at all. That so much energy is required should tell militant atheism something true about the way spiritual matters are embedded in the human psyche – rather like trying to get a walnut out of its shell whole; you might succeed but break something in the process!

22 05 2008
Samuel Skinner

Also, atheism isn’t a threat to wiccanism… unless you guys believe in a God, atheism is completely unrelated. Rationalism, materialism and naturalism on the other hand…

22 05 2008
The Green Witch

Samuel, it’s Wicca, or wicca, or more probably witchcraft, not wiccanism; but these are mere details 🙂

I don’t find atheism to be a threat, nor yet threatening. To me, it’s an opposing view with somewhat untenable principles. This doesn’t make it any less empirically valid – I just don’t find it valid myself.

Why do you think we would have had a discussion spanning 40-some comments about a non-argument? Of course we believe in a God. And a Goddess, if it comes to that. We’re polytheistic. Double trouble!

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