13 05 2008

Over the past few days, many of my fellow bloggers, for example TSW, have discussed the masculine in the divine; they’ve talked about contacting the God.

This is a part of the spiritual sphere that I’ve never really had success in identifying with. I know He’s there; I know He sees me and that he’s just waiting for me to make the move forward.

For whatever reason, perhaps most importantly acculturated resistance to male Deity, I have switched from God to the Goddess. I am aware that this is not a spiritual leap forward; swapping one gender for another is at least an acknowledgement that another gender in divinity exists; but it isn’t a recognition of Both, of the balance that surely is out there for the searching.

Women are important; femininity is important, but there’s no getting away from the fact that masculinity is equally important. And these themselves are simply the two poles; between them are all the grades and permutations of gender, of sexuality, of being.

My task between now and Midsummer is to find and speak to the God.




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13 05 2008

Something to keep in mind… It is very possible that your need to connect with the Goddess alone right now comes from the need to bring balance into your life. For most of us, a huge chunk of our lives were spent with the God alone. We now need that same amount of time to be in the presence of the feminine before we can integrate and truly balance the energies of the two together.

13 05 2008

Sounds like a wonderful plan. I wish you the joy and exhilaration of that encounter and the happiness and balance it brings.

14 05 2008
The Green Witch

That’s very true Fox; seems I have a long road to travel! Perhaps I can use some of the things I learned along the way to make leaps.

Mereth, my dear, thank you. 🙂

14 05 2008

I just recently found myself experiencing a similar thing, Green Witch. I had a non religeous upbringing so I do not have the background of any ‘mainstream’ religion, but as a woman I connected with the Divine Feminine more easily. Well I’ve done the maiden and mother bit and I’m heading for cronedom! Also, previous pagan groups did not explore the Divine Masculine at any length so lately, I too have been working with and trying to understanding the relationship between the two and it’s been very fruitful for me.
I hope that you have a productive and joyful time !

14 05 2008
The Green Witch

Thank you Ceri – the idea of starting on this path makes me feel like a little child on Christmas morning – gleeful in anticipation of what I might find, and what wonders await!

I actually feel a huge benefit form my BAC upbringing, traumatic though it was at the time. It made spiritual thinking something that I was at least accustomed to. I am grateful for that.

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