Witches – an ‘unreached people group’

4 05 2008

Forgive the nauseating marketing-speke for a minute and try and get the old noggins around this for an impressive show of unity. I’m seeing centurions marching out, looking for little unreached groups to over-run and hegemonise. What a picture.

If the Christian right are seeking to subvert inter-faith discussion in order to profile the alternative religions for a marketing hit, then all we can do it shake our heads and leave them to it. We can learn a good lesson, however, about the breathtaking presumption of faith – mine’s better than yours, I was told by a book and some guys who were told by some other guys; they must be right as they’ve been talking about this for 2000 years! Everyone agrees they’re right! Oh, and the Guy in the Sky is on our side, so sorry, you’re off to a burny place. Or you can get on the bus with us!

This is the central point. A great deal of the legitimisation for the worst excesses of evangelical Christianity, and for other faiths of a totalitarian bent, comes not from our present era, but from the past. I was discussing the Bible with an evangelical Christian during the week, which was a sobering experience. The history seems to be the mandate to act. The history, perhaps this isn’t going too far, is the means by which justification is made for things done today.

If there was ever a good reason to claim no lineage at all, then this seems to be it.

I look at modern witchcraft and I see a free faith, untrammeled by the constraints of historical practice. We don’t have any marks to hit simply because it’s always been done this way. We can innovate, choose best practice, take note of mistakes made in the past and work past them.

Validation through the historical record can only ever be in the favour of the winning team, in this case Evangelical Christianity. If you control the presses, the News will always be ‘Good’.




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4 05 2008

As about the furthest-away-from-right Christian you could hope to meet, I thought you might enjoy this clip from The West Wing, which addresses some of the issues evangelicals like to pontificate about. Not specifically witchcraft in this case, but you’ll get the drift, I’m sure: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWqgD7lGneU

4 05 2008

I could wax lyrical on the horrors of evangelical Christianity, as this is how I was bought up, but I will resist the temptation! All I will say is that I was reading a piece by someone who claimed to be ‘saved’ from a ‘pagan cult’ and by way of evangelical Christianity. It made me frown, as I would describe my time with evangelical Christians as being in a cult and feel I have found true and real freedom on my pagan path. Not quite on topic with you post I know, but I wanted to share it all the same!

4 05 2008
The Green Witch

Thank you for coming by and sharing your experience, Andy. I too was brought up Evangelical Christian – strictly not my brand of vodka, as you see!

People will ‘jump ship’ both ways – it’s part of being able to make a free choice. They ought, really, to acknowledge that the path they’re leaving simply wasn’t right for them; I agree with your assessment of Evangelicalism in its most strict incarnation as a cult. Remembering also that there are many decent people out there who practise Christianity and aren’t out to collect us into the fold.

Tess, thank you for the timely reminder – this is also one of my favourite shows and the clip resonated with me when I first saw it. I understand your point; again, all we can do it let those who will attempt this sort of cultural and emotional – not to say spiritual – apartheid hoist themselves by their own petard. Thank you for visiting us here!

5 05 2008



6 05 2008

Wow. That makes me sad. I’m still a Christian, but I don’t like the way the “evangelical” movement has gone. I think “we” have truly forgotten the first mandate of Christianity – Love. Not with a hidden agenda. I’m really sorry for this prevalent opinion of so many Christians that “we” are better and truly enlightened on the right path, with a derogatory inclination towards others of other faiths. Thank you for acknowledging that there are a few of us who are not on that boat. By the way, I am hoping to get started on your recommended read. There is a shop here in town that I think I can get that book and then I may have more questions! (I am in a very small town with no chain stores!) I also love your entries on gardens! I work in a greenhouse and have loved nature since I can remember. Thanks again!

6 05 2008
The Green Witch

Melissa, I respect your stance and agree with you that the purpose of Christianity, as well as witchcraft, dare I say it! is love – love for others and love for oneself. Without love, there’s nothing.

I am afraid that I feel the pressure of Evangelical Christianity with great immediacy because I was brought up in the faith, spent many unhappy years being frightened to change, frightened of hell, generally frightened. It was really miserable. I am able to have a voice now, and so I sound off a bit – forgive me!

However, I try not to be unfair – there are times when things really rile me. I suppose Christianity is my target because I know it best.

There are many that are not on that boat – many kind people just searching and doing their best to get through, being good to each other and themselves, making the world a better place.

I hope you enjoy the book – if you do have questions, I’d be only too happy to answer them if I can!

Gardens – don’t get me started – my favourite place to be. Truly, it is my church.


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