A Perfect Weekend

4 05 2008

To Somerset, to visit dear friends S and K, who welcomed me in, and bade me be at home. Nothing could have pleased me more!

Saturday was gorgeous; a visit to Glastonbury made me laugh at some of the more eclectic types wandering about, but there but for the grace of the Goddess…. nearly bought a fake flower and ribbon chaplet but managed to restrain myself when I saw the price!

S took me to the Chalice Well Garden – amazingly beautiful.  Here’s a few pictures which may or may not do justice to the orderly and well-stocked state of the garden, which could best be described as being of a sumptuous simplicity. If only I could get mine to look like this!

The collonade was simply amazing. A calming and centring entry to the garden proper.

The pool was a gorgeous rill, across odd-shaped pans, and the noise was indescribably soothing and calming. The water runs all the way from the top of the garden, in the well proper, to the foot. The energy likewise flows down the hill and away across the plain. Quite the most lovely place I’ve been this year.

… and here’s the well itself. We forgot ribbons; but I was able to cobble an offering together. I felt accepted, and the strength and peace the visit gave me has lasted.

We had a superb dinner out on the Saturday night – two druids, myself, S and K: between the five of us we cleared the restaurant. Too funny. Drank a skinful, retired extremely pissed at 1.30am and not a trace of hangover in the morning – even better!

The place in which my friends live is so soft, so welcoming, so much the opposite of harsh and unfriendly. It’s a world within a world, totally isolated and approachable only by single-track lanes. It’s like a magical hideaway.

I don’t know how to say how much this weekend has meant to me; the gifts, the cheer, the encouragement; rare people and a rare place; perfection.





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4 05 2008
The Shepton Witch

I love the Chalice Well; however busy it gets, it always exudes peace and tranquillity. The rest of Glastonbury can cause the occasional giggle with all the Ladies of Shallot and cloaked Aragorns floating up and down the main street, but where else could they do it?

The south of Somerset has a certain softness about it that makes you feel that if dropped from a great height you would gently bounce, rather like landing on a goose feather duvet covering a marsh mallow. There are more spectacular places, you only have to think of the Lake District or parts of Derbyshire, but as somewhere that gently embraces you and makes you feel easy, Somerset takes some beating.

I’m so glad you feel so rested and relaxed, you deserve it. I had a wonderful weekend and look forward to doing it all over again very soon. I’m off to have a treat for a couple of days now, putting my face into the west wind off the Atlantic, sand between my toes and the energy that comes from being beside so much water – I think I shall feel very chilled by the middle of the week! I shall take pictures and report back.

5 05 2008

It sounds absolutely lovely, dear! I’m thrilled to hear you had a wonderful time. It was well deserved and long past due.

5 05 2008
The Green Witch

I hope you have a wonderful time, TSW! I’d love to see pictures!

Ahhh, Fox, it was truly refreshing, in every respect.

5 05 2008

What a lovely way of describing Chalice Well. I think I am spoiled, living so close, as I visit most weeks, and I have a great love for Glastonbury itself. Agreed, there are aspects that cause a broad smile, and as much as I love the shops, one has to be discerning as a second mortgage can sometimes be required! However, it is a very special place and has a very special energy. I am happy to be a frequent pilgrim to Glastonbury! May be I’ll see you there one day! It sounds as though the Glastonbury energy has worked its special magic with you – long may it remain with you!

5 05 2008
The Green Witch

Thank you Andy. I think it did work some magic with me – I’m still feeling the effects, and they’re all good!

Know what you mean about the shops – the mean, thrifty old crone in me nearly had an episode when I saw the prices on some of the stuff. Lovely carrot cake in Galatea’s, though!

7 05 2008

Thanks for posting these lovely pics, I have not been to Galsters for a while now and oh how I miss it! The garden at Chalice well are truely inspirational. I just wish I lived nearer.

7 05 2008
The Green Witch

They did actually come out quite well, but then I think WordPress makes photos look good by a magic I don’t understand 🙂

Glasto is a 2 hour drive for me, but it’s always worth going to the area. I’d never been to the town before last weekend, but the surrounding countryside is absolutely and quietly stunning. I love it!

8 05 2008

It’s a 3-4 hour drive from here, depending if I stop off or not. I live in the mountains so it’s a wonderful contrast, I like to sit on the tor, being able to see for miles around is something quite different for me.
I’m going to add you as a link to my site, I like your rich thinking!

8 05 2008
The Green Witch

Thank for adding me Ceri, that’s grand!

17 05 2008

Chalice Well is indeed a very special place. Only been there twice before but intend on going back this summer.

18 05 2008
The Green Witch

Thanks for visiting, pigslip! I had such a good time at the Well, I’d like to go back as soon as possible. A really amazing spot.

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