To the hills!!

2 05 2008

I was walking across the yard at work, mindlessly happy, enjoying the sunshine and giving thanks for the bright day and the smell of the sap rising. Suddenly I wanted to be striking camp and preparing for a day’s hiking into the mountains. The smell of the cut grass and the leaves was an immediate reminder of camping trips of old, emerging from the tent into the early misty morning, stretching, getting the kettle on for tea and then taking the mug for a wander round, savouring the peace and the lovely views.

Despite living amongst the most beautiful landscape in Britain, I feel curiously divorced from the land, no matter how hard I try to be at one with it. Perhaps this rediscovery of a lost love of walking will help me do better; to make your way slowly (and at times painfully!) across a landscape, to recognise each feature on your map, to camp out and not be insulated from the elements and so removed from them – this is a valuable experience. For me, I think it must be a form of ‘required reading’. I need to do it periodically to refresh my most basic memories of what it’s all about.




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2 05 2008

Just sometimes it would be so much better to be really out in the world of nature as you say- Camping- Hiking and rediscovering- Now all we need is the time- which is often hard to find. You have made me think- I really must find some time to do just that. Need to give it a try before The Mercian.

2 05 2008
The Green Witch

I know what you mean – otherwise I shall end up acting very wussy indeed and kipping in the car!

Can’t wait for Mercian – really looking forward to it!

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