30 04 2008

Loreena McKennitt- Huron ‘Beltane’ Fire Dance

As a symbol of hope, of growth for the future, nothing beats Beltaine. The fires of renewal will burn, and the Goddess and the God will meet in the wildwood and become one.

I will be praising Them, and making offerings, tonight. Red thread on the Rowan tree, milk and cakes below, a small fire with prayers for those who have troubles, and wishes for the future twisting up from the bowl in the smoke and sparks to meet with the Moon above.

I’m posting this uplifting and purposeful piece of music after being inspired to do so by beweaver. This should get us in the mood! Blessings to all on this great day in the year.




3 responses

2 05 2008

Loved the music! Thanks for posting that!

2 05 2008
The Green Witch

It’s beautiful, isn’t it, Paul. Glad you liked it!

2 05 2008

Quite haunting- but wonderful- thanks for sharing.

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